Maritime signal flags are various flags used by ships to communicate with other ships or sailing vessels. Generally they are used singly to indicate a course of action (like diving or underwater danger) that a ship or vessel is undertaking, or sometimes multiple flags are used to spell out a code word or message that might indicate that a race is about to start, or other yachting information. These signal flags have a long history and have been used since the 1400s to indicate the vessel’s country of origin and to facilitate communications between comrades during military entanglements. With the recent pandemic, these signal flags have taken on a different role, communicating solidarity and support among boating aficionados. 


Our very own Benicia Yacht Club has emulated the actions of the San Francisco Maritime National Park Association by flying the signal flags “C,G, over 1” which translates to, “I Will Stand By To Assist You.”  Benicia Yacht Club joins other yacht clubs nationwide to impart this positive message of strength, hope and kinship during the continuing health crisis. 


Derith Lutz, a Benicia Yacht Club volunteer and sailing instructor has stated that, “… we at BYC hope (the public) understands that BYC is a part of the community and is here to assist you. BYC wants to share its love for marine life and love of boats, both power and sail. Benicia Yacht Club is in the process of re-opening and welcomes you once again to the BYC club to sail and take part in community activities. Until then, be safe and be healthy.“ Many popular activities, both for members and non-members, are being offered once again at the venerable Benicia Yacht Club, founded in 1977.  These activities include cruising, community events and sailing lessons for youths. 


Since 1997, Benicia Yacht Club has been offering summer sailing lessons for youths aged 8-18.  These lessons are half-day or full-day and can be taken for one or two weeks. Students learn how to sail and how to be safe while on the water.  They actually capsize the boats and learn how to recover and upright them during the first lesson. The safety and wellbeing of the student is foremost in the minds of the instructors. Additionally, BYC members receive a class discount and some scholarships are available. If you have any questions regarding sailing lessons or the scholarships, please contact Derith Lutz at