We can all be doing more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by recycling items we are currently throwing away. It’s getting easier to recycle curbside now that Allied Waste is collecting brown carts every week. And if that’s not enough to contain your recyclables, get an additional cart at no extra charge. Most of us know we can recycle metal, glass, plastic containers, corrugated cardboard and paper, but the specifics within those categories can be confusing. How we recycle is important, too. Shredded paper, for example, floats everywhere if not contained in a knotted bag. Here's a list of common recyclables that are often overlooked:

• Aluminum pie plates and cookie sheets
• Detergent boxes & bottles; household cleaning containers
• Empty aerosol cans
• Empty, dry latex paint cans
• Plant containers, #1-7
• Paperback books, clasp envelopes & window envelopes
• Prescription bottles, #1-7
• Scrap metal
• Shampoo, conditioner & toiletry bottles
• Steel & tin cans, clean food cans

We can also recycle household hazardous waste curbside, within certain guidelines. The list includes household batteries, cell phones, motor oil & filters, fluorescent bulbs and CFLs. For more info call 707-746-4271 or visit recycle-guide.com.