This month, Mike Minahen takes the helm as principal of Benicia Middle School. Minahen taught in Vallejo for many years, and worked as a coach and athletic director. In 2007 he was hired as one of three vice principals at Benicia High School where he worked for two years. For part strategic, part budgetary reasons, Minahen transferred to Benicia Middle School as vice-principals in 2009. At the time, BMS needed an additional VP, and Minahen had the leadership and management skills BMS was looking for. Sue Hutchinson, long-time Principal at BMS, retired in June, leaving an opening for the job. Minahen was strongly recommended by BMS teachers and staff. BUSD Superintendent Janice Adams fully supported the recommendation and hired Minahen as principal, citing his strong interpersonal skills and leadership abilities. Adams says Minahen “knows the kids by name, attends BMS events and is very visible and accessible to students, parents and staff.” We wish him well in his new role.