Kamala Harris is a woman for the 21st Century, with her political experience, multi-racial background of African American and Asian American, California upbringing and relaxed attitude when it comes to fashion. Her place in history will be legendary and, as she says, she may be the first woman to occupy the office of the Vice President, but won’t be the last.

In observing her style during the campaign, we have noticed how easily she wears her clothes, showing up in cool casual wear that epitomizes California. She wowed the media and her supporters with a white pantsuit when she appeared as Vice President Elect. She follows the lead of many powerful women who have chosen to wear white, dating back 100 years to the Suffrage Movement. Other women that have worn white for historical moments are Shirley Chisholm, the first African American woman elected to Congress in 1968, Geraldine Ferraro who was the first woman Vice Presidential running-mate in 1984 and Hilary Clinton when she was nominated as the Presidential Democratic nominee in 2016. The last two State of the Union Addresses saw women lawmakers wearing white to show solidarity and commitment in defense of women’s rights.  

The white pantsuit rumored to be designed by Wes Gordon of Carolina Herrera was copied in just a few hours so that actress Maya Rudolph could do a spot-on imitation of Harris’ victory speech on Saturday Night Live that same night. 

It seems as if the pantsuit is her go-to look for important occasions, worn with a neutral colored heel, sometimes a high top tennis shoe and a bowed blouse.  Her go-to accessory is a simple strand of pearls that are classic and yet modern in size and color.

One of the top Halloween outfits for little girls was to dress like Kamala in mini pantsuits and signature pearls.

Kamala also has a thing for high top sneakers; mostly Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers. She has worn them on the campaign trail to speak and greet crowds. Her vast collection includes black leather, white leather, lace up and non lace up, platform to wear with the pantsuit and even a sequined pair that have not been seen as of yet… Inauguration??

When Senator Harris  tried wearing a pair of Converse sneakers into the Congressional Chamber, she was told to use the cloakroom because of strict dress codes. Sandals and sleeveless dresses worn by women were not allowed until 2017! The first order of business might be to relax the dress code in Congress for both men and women and bring it into the 21st Century. Sneakers for all.

Although there are serious challenges for the new administration and our Country in 2021, fashion enthusiasts will be looking for any sort of new trend coming out of Washington DC and from the new female Vice President from California.