All Eyes are on Music Producer DJ Gutta Butta #YesYes 

The research labels millennials as digital natives, goal-driven, in favor of streaming, well adapted to their mobile devices, and having no patience for inefficient and poor service. In addition, millennials seek more digital tools that aid their day-to-day. Millennials are all about access and opportunity and are navigating and leveraging products and services to their advantage. Millennials have also disrupted some Baby Boomer practices by creating a shared perspective approach on the economy. In short, the burdens and customs the older generations may have committed to are viewed differently, such as long-term practices of staying with one employer for 30 plus years and retiring, thus dependent on one stream of income. 

Millennials are known for not settling for the status quo and are disruptors of the roads most traveled.

They have learned to leverage the power of choice and are genuine influencers. A music producer who goes by the stage name DJ Gutta Butta is leveraging every possible angle for his success. Known as a modern-day Renaissance man for his talents and abilities, DJ Gutta Butta is making his mark in the music industry.

A Vallejo native, DJ Gutta Butta was a true all-around athlete in baseball and American football. A component to athleticism is intellectual precision, timing, and analysis, some of many of DJ Gutta Butta’s gifts that he now uses off the field developing his business out of a passion for music. DJ Gutta Butta stated, “I was always musically inclined. When I was young, my dad used to have us sing all of the Temptations’ music. I know the Temptations movie word for word and all the songs.” DJ Gutta Butta went on to state, “I pursued music fully after sports didn’t work out.” Everyone has a story. When asked about his stage name, he stated, “I got my name Gutta Butta from bowling because I used to roll nothing but gutter balls… Now, no one can beat me in bowling.” 

From athlete to music producer with over eight million music streams, DJ Gutta Butta is an entrepreneur with significant accomplishments, including recognition for his DJ performance set with artist/rapper Benny at Rolling Loud. DJ Gutta Butta and his brother co-own Purple Lane Entertainment, a recording label, and hold all of the masters to the music. In addition, DJ Gutta Butta also breeds French American bulldogs. His love for music allowed him to assess his fit into the music industry. “I knew rap wasn’t for me, but I knew I could be an asset in the music game in promoting and executive producing music and shows.” When asked about some of the challenges faced in the music industry, DJ Gutta Butta stated, “Some of the challenges I face are just dealing with a lot of different egos in the music business.” He added, “I can’t let too much of anything get to me because it is important to remain focused… I like making music the most. It’s fun, and I like doing it. I started making money by accident by doing something I love.”

Work-life balance is a challenge for some.

The music business can lead to long days and nights considering recording time, tours, and performance. When asked about keeping himself balanced with work and personal life, DJ Gutta Butta admitted, “It’s hard to keep balance as my focus is always on work, and I need to work on life balance with my family and time for me.” DJ Gutta Butta went on to state, “I just like to work and grind so much that sometimes I forget everything else.”

DJ Gutta Butta has worked with various artists, from new to old, like Iamsu, Jhon, Digital Underground, Nef The Pharaoh, Cuban Doll, SOBXRBE, and many others. DJ Gutta Butta shared that he dreams of working with Vallejo native, entrepreneur, and music mogul E40, stating, “I look forward to working with E40 one day, to have one with the big dog from my area.”

DJ Gutta Butta wants the upcoming artists to be confident and persistent in pursuing their dreams. He stated, “Some advice I can give is never to give up, chase what you love, and never let someone tell you that your idea is dumb. Someone else might love what you create, and you must pursue and push what you believe in.”

One of DJ Gutta Butta’s goals over the next five years is to remain significant in the music industry, stating, “I plan to be still relevant and working and keep getting better and bigger every year…  I will stay focused because anything is possible as long as I continue chasing my dreams.”

You can connect and follow DJ Gutta Butta on Instagram at @djguttabuttayesyes and YouTube at DJ Gutta Butta. His September release, All Net, with artist Slimmy B is at