Benicia’s County Supervisor Linda Seifert endorsed Mayor Patterson’s re-election at the campaign kickoff party at the new waterfront home of Steve Gizzi, former councilmember and Judi Gizzi, Benicia Ballet Theatre Board member. Seifert spoke to the full house of supporters encouraging the crowd’s support because Ms. Patterson is an approachable Mayor, has the competence and background to understand the difficult issues of our time and, above all, has heart; she cares deeply about Benicia; has the kind of heart necessary to make tough decisions in this economy; has the heart and the vision to greet the future.

In delivering her kick-off announcement for re-election last Saturday afternoon, Mayor Patterson reminded the 60 guests that she ran for mayor almost four years ago promising to bring a new kind of politics to Benicia; that of inclusiveness in decisions and appointments, a new civility and respectful conduct of the office of Mayor and City Council and a firm stand on Seeno to ensure an A+ project for jobs and economic development.

In her next four years, she said she will continue her leadership using the same principles of fair, informed and inclusive decision making for closing the structural deficit and dealing with the ailing economy. She promised that there will be no city service cuts that can be avoided. Patterson said the Council directed the City Manager to implement reorganization for more efficiency in city operations at reduced costs – including resets of salaries and benefits – in order to maintain Benicia’s quality of life“ in a manner that we can afford.”

Mayor Patterson stated, “When I am re-elected I will continue the civil, dignified and respectful conduct of the office of Mayor and City Council. I will continue to appoint people who care passionately about the economy, historic preservation, planning, the arts and culture, the environment and recreation. I will continue to be fair and to consider all sides and incorporate others’ ideas for the common good.”

Patterson acknowledged her grass-roots campaign is dependent on volunteers and supporters for re-election.

“I am honored”, said Mayor Patterson, “to be in the forefront of promoting businesses that will grow in the 21st century economy; to be recognized as the green mayor of Benicia; to promote growth in our industrial park into an incubator of emerging technologies. Better we look to the future than rely on a single large industry.” She also stated that she is a Mayor who looks for fair decisions, who listens, who leads by example and who is not afraid to take a strong stand.

The future was a prominent topic in Mayor Patterson’s remarks. In addition to the Council’s “laser focus on the budget”, she encouraged her supporters to look forward to the future in these uncertain times. “The future with the soon to be opened Benicia Community Center, the future with the solar panels giving us revenue earned for generating power, and reducing our carbon footprint, the future with safer streets for pedestrians and bicyclist through traffic calming, the future with a successful tourism program for shopping, historic tours, recreation and Benicia events, the future with a waterfront park which will enhance the downtown and the future with a performing arts center for showcasing our fine arts and crafts and performers who make Benicia their home or who visit Benicia. Confidence in the future and courage to face the challenges are essential,” she said in closing, “together we cannot fail in our best years ahead.”

Supervisor Seifert urged party guests to donate for the campaign costs of signs and mailers and invited everyone to join Mayor Patterson and her committee in the campaign in the next seven months. Seifert explained that Mayor Patterson has pledged to voluntarily limit her campaign expenditures to $28,000 consistent with the ordinance adopted by council and also has pledged to only accept contributions from local individuals and businesses based in Benicia for a “fair, clean and local election.” The crowd responded with enthusiastic applause and chanting of “Four more years”! In addition to Supervisor Seifert’s endorsement, Mayor Patterson is endorsed, to date, for re-election by other local and state officials, State Senator Noreen Evans, Assembly Member Mariko Yamada, Supervisor Barbara Kondylis, BUSD President Andre Stewart, BUSD Trustee Rosie Switzer, BUSD Trustee Bonnie Weidel, Solano Community College Trustee Rosemary Thurston.