The Flying in Formation Team Presents “Workshops to Lift Your Life,” January 20 & 21, 2018

Guests are welcome to join seasoned life coaches for one or both days packed with feminine wisdom, meaningful connections and practical life tools for bringing more joy and calm to our every day lives. Participants will experience the work of a range professional life coaches, writers and healers in a comfortable and affordable environment. 


The experience includes two days immersed in workshops covering a wide range of helpful topics, led by area experts:

DAY ONE: Saturday, January 20, 10am – 4pm

Three seasoned life coaches will cover topics that help us nurture, understand and navigate our interior worlds. Through self-compassion and a look at our own fascinating neuro-science, we'll learn to quiet our inner critics, dance with change, and explore the inner workings of self-confidence. [Facilitators: Jennifer Sherwood, Angela Ford, Pat Beaupre Becker]

DAY TWO: Sunday, January 21, 10am – 4pm

These three workshops will be led by two life coaches, and a local humorist with a focus on tools that keep us holding the reins of our own lives. With joy and skill, our facilitators will share tools for setting boundaries that create more space for what we love, harnessing the wisdom years, and knowing what truly drives us. [Facilitators: Sheri Hoffmann, Anna Urea, Linda Lesem]

Linda Lesem

The priceless experience is $75 per day (three coaches & includes lunch), and $130 for both days (six coaches & includes lunch). 

Held at the Commanding Officer's Quarters, 1 Commandant's Lane, Benicia

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