The ground isn’t quite dry from the season’s first rainstorm, and more are on the way. Weather- and safety-proof your home by tackling these basics, and avoid costly repairs.

Clean Gutters and Flush Downspouts

Leaves and other debris collect more quickly in gutters in the Fall. Check them regularly throughout the season. Also check to ensure that water is draining away correctly-standing water can cause damage that’s costly to fix.

Check Windows & Doors

Leaky windows let warm air out and cold air in, increasing energy usage and cost. Check your windows for air leaks, and repair damaged caulking and loose or poorly-fitting glass. Re-weather-strip doors as needed.

Inspect Your Heating System

Call your HVAC company to schedule an inspection of your heating system. They busy later in the season – it’s better to identify any minor problems early. A-1 Guaranteed Heating & Air is currently offering free safety inspections on heaters 15 years and older (does not include wall or floor heaters.)

Replace Smoke Detector Batteries

Smoke detector batteries should be checked monthly, and changed twice a year – replace them when Daylight Savings Time starts and ends. If you hear the warning “chirp,” replace the batteries right away. This year Daylight Savings time ends November 7, so purchase batteries now to change out when you reset your clocks.

Check Perimeter Vents

Add netting where needed to critter-proof your roof. It’s much easier to keep them out than to try to evict them once they’ve taken up residence in your attic.

Trim Trees

Branches that overhang your home or property can present possible safety and other hazards. Before proceeding with tree trimming or removal, check the City of Benicia’s tree ordinance.

Inspect Fences & Gates

Shore up wobbly posts or sagging gates before the wind starts again in earnest.


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