Tickets sold out within a week for a recent wine tasting event in Benicia, CA. Sponsored by local cabinet and countertop showroom Affordable Quality Cabinets, the elegant affair was held in the AQCC space in the Benicia Arsenal. The evening began with a convivial meet and greet that included hors d'oeuvres and sparkling water to soften the impact of the generous pours to follow. Shepherded into an adjacent space, the hour-long tasting class commenced, but with a twist. It was conducted by Riedel's representative Sommelier Chris Dillon. In addition to his depth of wine glass knowledge, he kept his audience laughing throughout the event; and managed to illicit many oohs and ahhs as tasters began pouring their beakers of wine into glasses of various sizes and shapes, and noticing the results. It became clear very quickly that pinot noir poured into the correct pinot noir glass was much more flavorful on the nose and on the palate than poured into any other of the glass choices. Although this sounds obvious, in practice the nuances may seem subtle but those subtleties make a world of difference. In round two, the wine was paired with white, dark, milk and chile chocolate squares to further educate the palate. Conclusion? The proper stemware makes an enormous difference when enjoying your favorite bottle.

Affordable Quality Cabinets and Countertops, 4852 East 2nd Street, Benicia,