While yesterday’s simplicity of exiting your front door for your usual walk or run is standard for most of us, it may not be the optimal experience you could gain from customizing your route. Today there are many websites with training tools and apps with reasonably accurate GPS’s that allow you to create and map your route with all kinds of helpful information, including exploring new areas without getting lost—particularly handy when traveling. Using walkjogrun.net, we have mapped out three Benicia routes to try: one mile along Rose Drive from Kearney Street to East 2nd, three miles down First Street and around the Marina, and the five mile loop through the Benicia State Recreation Area. Check walkjogrun.net for other Benicia Magazine routes.

Websites and apps can be powerful motivators in helping achieve fitness goals, no matter what your level of fitness. They can help switch things up from your usual routine to decrease route burnout. Going beyond the basics of distance covered/calories burned, there are many other benefits to help you stay motivated. You can map out a route based on convenience, scenery or level of difficulty. You can track average speed and see elevation changes, points of interest and routes others have created in your area, or use a diary to track progress, view recommended routes, print maps and more. If you have resolved to get fit in 2014, these electronic tools can help keep you on track.

One Mile route in Southampton
Along Rose Drive from Kearney Street to East Second Street

Five mile Benicia State Recreation Area route: East parking lot to Dillon Point and back



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