Preparing for the August international fashion markets in Las Vegas can be somewhat all-consuming. Finding the right hotel in the vicinity of 5 convention centers, coordinating what to wear in 100-plus degree heat, and looking into the fashion crystal ball to forecast what women will want to wear in Spring of 2018 are just a few of the challenges.

As I sift through industry trend reports, Spring Fashion is all about the woman. Who is she? What are her interests? It is not about her social status, political preference or income. Age and size is left out of the equation when describing these women and what they want to wear.

The "Art"-ivist Woman: Inspired by all things beautiful, she is both artist and activist, pushing the boundaries with an eclectic mix of color and texture. She develops her own trademark style with modern design. Since art surrounds her, she makes a statement with her wardrobe using mixed media, expressionist prints and dramatic accessories.

The Remix Woman: Edgy, streetwise and progressive, this woman is a rule breaker who stands out in a crowd. She embraces change by layering new and old with creativity, and pairs aspects of her life together in an unexpected way. She is attracted to novelty details (like embellishment) for day, but keeps her look grounded with reworked shirts, wide leg jeans or slip dresses, perhaps worn all together.

The Alter Ego Woman: This woman has a multitude of interests and personality quirks that come together in elevated style. Her look is nostalgia 80s, as seen through metallic and bright colors in her wardrobe and accessories. Unexpected details and her ability to switch easily from look to look is part of her ultimate charm. Think Dynasty (the 80s sitcom) without the exaggerated hair and shoulders.

The Neuetradition Woman: A bold and a fearless leader, she battles traditional standards, evolving them into something new and functional. The Neuetradition philosophy believes in utilizing, reusing and reinventing everything from redeveloped buildings to reconstructed tailored suits. Newness comes from unexpected design elements of uneven and exaggerated proportions that bring a powerful look to the classics.

Mainland Woman:  Signaling a return to the simple life, this woman may be into reclaimed furniture design that uses abandoned materials in new ways. Her aesthetic evolves from handcrafted elements like quilting and natural fabrics such as linen or chambray. She still loves a great pair of overalls or jeans, but softens the look with peasant blouses and asymmetric skirts.

The Quest Woman: An avid explorer, she lives a nomadic lifestyle with a gypsy-like flair. She believes that life is an adventure, and her home is a collection of her treasures, souvenirs and rare finds. With her effortless style, she uses scarves, tribal prints, and midi length dresses to tell her story.

The Sensory Woman: Sensory woman defines our tech-obsessed society, which runs parallel to virtual reality. Everything about her surroundings reflects extreme reality, from slick, high-charged colors to performance tech materials in her office, home and wardrobe. Her survival style is similar to a video game experience. Her clothes are designed with utility in mind, including details like hoods or cinched drawstrings and items like the parka, bomber jacket and paper bag-waisted pants. There's also a strong athletic influence, with sweatshirts, leggings and sport bra tops. Extremely resourceful, this woman is the ultimate defender of digital and physical fashion.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, except when it comes to finding Spring Fashion 2018 for women who know who they are and what they want.