You scrimp and save. Pass up the dinners out and the cute new boots….and finally save up enough money to purchase your first dream home! Among the many costs associated with this wonderful purchase, you see the “Title Insurance Premium” listed. It’s optional (in some cases), so why not waive it? Save a little money? Most people don’t realize that title claims on unprotected property that pop up AFTER you purchase can include:

  • Outstanding mortgages that affect your property from the previous owner
  • Pending legal action involving the property
  • Unknown heirs or other parties that may have a legitimate claim to your property
  • Liens to taxes judgments

Title insurance protects, potentially, your largest lifetime investment from these issues and many others, both legally and financially. Also, in terms of closing costs, you can’t beat the value! It is a one-time fee that is very low relative to the value it provides – typically the cost is around 0.5% of the home’s purchase price. Owner’s Title Insurance also covers your heirs – as long as you or your heirs own your home, the Owner’s Title policy protects your property rights. Each year, more than 80% of all America’s Home Buyers choose to get Owner’s Title insurance. And the best thing it provides is the peace of mind of knowing your property is protected. That is priceless!