Bass player and educator, Ariane Cap, is “running away” to the circus! She will be touring for two years starting in January with a new Cirque du Soleil production. Ariane took a moment to reflect on her new adventure and her thoughts on leaving Vallejo.

Born: Innsbruck, Austria…think snowy alps, idyllic hills… a peaceful little town
Resides in: Vallejo, California
Favorite Food: Blueberries, strawberries and raspberries
Favorite Book: St. Exupery, The Little Prince
Favorite Song: "Something," by The Beatles
Relationship Status/Children: Married with cat

How did you end up in America? I got a scholarship from the University of Music to study at the University of Miami in Florida. I fell in love with the States and the possibilities the US has to offer to musicians and decided to stay.

How long have you lived in Vallejo? Almost a decade now.

What instruments do you play? In order of learning: piano, recorder, vocals, flute, guitar, bass, upright.

What did you listen to as a teenager? Lots of classical music. Bach, Beethoven, my brother was into Wagner.

What do you listen to now? Gosh, I love so much! I like Natalie McMaster a lot, Bruce Hornsby, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Bobby McFerrin is a huge favorite… those are just some folks I’d drive several hours to see. You’ll find plenty of Jazz on my iPod, some Classical, Salif Keita…

What's the first music you remember hearing? I remember my Mom playing Bach on the piano. I always loved that.

Who influenced your music? My grandfather was a conductor. He gave me a tape with a few Brandenburg Concertos on it, I listened to them over and over. As a matter of fact I piled up my little stuffed animals on my bed and would ‘conduct’ my orchestra. My brother practiced piano, so I wanted to as well. I always had a pretty good ear and picked up some of what he was playing by rote. Later on studying with folks like Steve Bailey, Victor Wooten, Chuck Rainey, Jimmy Earl and others just blew my fuses.

You started out playing piano, how did you end up playing bass? I played guitar and keys in a blues rock band. Our bassist quit and we had gigs, so somebody needed to fill that role. The drummer joked I could just learn it, after all I played guitar. I bought a red little Ibanez Soundgear and played my first gig a few weeks later!

What was your best moment on stage? Any moment where the music flows through and I feel relaxed is a great moment. I think my favorite stage moment though was when Victor Wooten asked me and another bassist up on stage during a show in Philly. For some reason him trusting me to play in his show was amazing beyond words. I was so relaxed and just had fun, it was great!

What’s a traditional Austrian song from your childhood? Me and my Mom used to sing canons (Froh zu sein bedarf es wenig) and traditionals (I woass net soll I aufe soll I owe) in the car. Once she drove singing into the car in front of us. We sure were getting into it!

Your husband is also a musician, how did you meet him? Wolf was the hot shot bass player in the town I grew up in. I was just blown away when I heard him play. So, I wanted to get myself some “private lessons” if you get my drift!

You’re leaving Step Up Music to tour with Cirque du Soleil, what part of teaching will you miss most? Every student is different, so teaching often demands a lot of creativity and on-the-spot thinking. I love that. And I love putting myself into the shoes of the learner, it is a good place to be. My favorite thing though is when you see something in the student that they may not quite yet see, and then they see a glimpse of it.

Ongoing Live Music

The Rellik Tavern 707.746.1137
Live music every Friday & Saturday night

Upstairs at the Café 707.745.1400
Live music Thursday, Friday & Saturday night
Jazz Sunday afternoon

The Empress Theatre, Vallejo 707-552-2400
Live music and movie every Friday night

Sticky Rice Chinese Bistro & Bar, Fairfield 707.863.7500
Live music every Saturday night

Favela’s Fusion, Fairfield 707.421.8484
Live mariachi music the first Friday of the month

Special Events

The Roberta Donnay Jazz Quartet
George’s, San Rafael
Thursday, January 5, 8pm

Sourdough Slim
Freight & Salvage, Berkeley
Saturday, January 7, 8pm

Wesla Whitfield & Mike Greensill
Piedmont Piano Company, Oakland
Sunday, January 8, 8pm

Maceo Parker
Napa Valley Opera House, Napa
Tuesday, January 10, 8pm

DEVO, The Fillmore, San Francisco
Friday, January 13, 9pm

Wonderbread 5, Hopmonk Tavern
Sebastopol, Friday, January 13, 8pm

Susan Graham, mezzo soprano
Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley
Saturday, January 14, 8pm

David Lanz, Firehouse Arts, Pleasanton
Saturday, January 14, 8pm

Franc D’Ambrosio, Silo’s, Napa
Saturday, January 14, 8 pm

Chamber Music Sundaes: Ginastera String Quartet
St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Berkeley
Sunday, January 22, 3pm

Robben Ford
Napa Valley Opera House, Napa
Monday, January 23, 8pm

Hanz Araki Band
142 Throckmorton, Mill Valley
Thursday, January 26, 8pm

Kevin Russell “Cream of Clapton”
Silo’s, Napa
Friday, January 27, 8pm

Zoran Dukic, San Francisco Conservatory
of Music, San Francisco
Friday, January 27, 8pm

Montrose, Uptown Theatre, Napa
Friday, January 27, 8pm

Oakland Symphony
Paramount Theatre, Oakland
Friday, January 27, 8pm

West of the Next, Armando’s, Martinez
Saturday, January 28, 8pm

Cash Tribute Show: featuring James Garner
El Campanil Theatre, Antioch
Saturday, January 28, 8pm