The Family Health Center is pleased to announce a new doctor on their staff. Before I get into the details of Dr. Aaron Zaks joining Family Health Center, I need to disclose several things.

First, I have been a patient of the Family Health Center for nearly 35 years and, more importantly, that office “saved my life” in 1992. They quickly diagnosed a major blockage in one of my arteries and immediately referred me to Mt. Diablo Hospital. Because of their actions, I have a “soft spot” for the Family Health Center.

The practice has been located at 1440 Military West for over 30 years and has served thousands of Benicia residents.

The newest addition to Family Health Center of Benicia, Dr. Aaron Zaks, is the son of long time Benicia physician Walter Zaks. Aaron graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Economics. He then spent 4 years at Touro University‘s College of Osteopathic Medicine. Aaron served a 3 year residency at Mercy Hospital in Redding, California.  

Aaron’s specialty is Osteopathy, which is an advanced form of physical medicine. While this discipline calls for manipulation and adjustments for patients with chronic pain, Aaron spends the majority of his time at the Family Health Center, serving patients with General Medicine (Flu, colds, minor surgeries, etc.).

The Family Health Center currently has a staff of four doctors and a physician assistant. The office recently expanded their office space with the addition of Aaron. The doctors include Dr. Walter Zaks, Dr. Laura Dalton and Dr. Kristina Kim. Rachel Kennedy, a physician assistant, also does Primary care. 

The practice is proud to announce that they are  part of the John Muir Network and Hill Physicians Medical Group

The Zaks family has not only a long-time medical commitment to Benicia, but Aaron’s mother Rhea served on the Benicia School Board in the late 1980’s.

It appears that Aaron will continue to carry on that tradition as the newest Doctor in Benicia.