On September 20 at the Park Central San Francisco, under the observant eyes and expert tasting abilities of the jury, the winners of the “Best Baguette San Francisco 2019” were announced.  The competition, organized by French Morning and Frenchly, was open to the public with the purchase of event tickets. During the competition, bakery fans tasted the different breads presented by the finalists, and also enjoyed a selection of charcuterie, jams and cheeses. At the end of the evening, three prizes were awarded: the Grand Prize, “Best Baguette in San Francisco,” the “Best Specialty Bread in San Francisco” prize, and the coveted “Fan Prize.”

The winner of “Fan Favorite” was Benicia’s own One House Bakery. Of course, no one in Benicia was surprised at all. From the moment One House opened its doors in 2018, it was obvious that it was a world class bakery. Passionate about the world of pastries and other baked goods, the co-owner of One House Bakery has created her own mecca of bread in Benicia. On site, Hanalee Pervan and her team offer meticulously crafted, fresh products, baked daily. More than 10 breads are on the menu, including the traditional (and award winning) baguette, brioche, and Patwin Ciabatta. One House prides itself on its transparency of ingredients – ensuring that none of its products contain artificial food coloring, stabilizers or preservatives. Its unique effort to bring front of house and back of house operations together in “One House” enables customers to see just how their baked goods are made. Stop by One House (T/W/F/S/Su 8am-6pm) to see and taste for yourself.