The Elevate Company and East Bay Herbals: Aiding a Healthier Lifestyle

Photos of The Elevate Company by Luke George

Of all the New Year’s resolutions a person can make, there’s one in particular that repeatedly tops the list: “live a healthier lifestyle.” Intentions to make the upcoming year a healthy one top the list for a reason. Is it because Americans are uber health conscious? Probably not. If anything, such repetition speaks to a degree of nonsuccess — if we’re always starting over, something isn’t working. Cue the unsustainable crash diets, grueling work out plans, and isolating habits. Major lifestyle shifts rarely happen overnight and seldom flourish with perfection.

To ensure January 1st, 2024, won’t be yet another do-over, anchor your small-but-impactful habits in community.


Owners of The Elevate Company

Benicia recently welcomed two health-centered women-owned businesses onto its mainstreet: The Elevate Company and East Bay Herbals. The Elevate Company, located at 901 First Street, is a yoga studio (with more types of exercise to come) that offers a variety of classes, inviting new and seasoned yogis to a place of practice. Paired with friendly instructors and a warm atmosphere, The Elevate Company beckons the return of attendees. Only a few doors down and a flight of stairs away is East Bay Herbals, an herbal shop owned and operated by certified local herbalist, Anna Beauchemin, based in Martinez and Benicia. Implementing the gentle habits of yoga and herbalism into your life can have a transformative impact on your health.

While anyone who’s taken a power vinyasa class can attest to tired muscles, there’s far more to the time-honored practice of yoga than a good workout. Laura Linsley, co-owner of The Elevate Company, asserts that “Practicing yoga offers a multitude of physical and psychological benefits. A regular practice could improve mobility, strength and range of motion. Yoga can also relieve stress and expand our ability to tackle complex and challenging things that life throws at us.” Yoga has a potent effect on our physical and psychological health. “The mind and body are intricately linked,” explains Linsley, “and living your yoga is the practice of taking the teachings from the mat off your mat and into the world.”

With a PhD in biomechanics and many years of yoga practice and teaching under her belt, Linsley understands the impracticality of a one-size-fits-all approach to exercise.

The Elevate Company offers a variety of classes: restorative yoga, power vinyasa, fit flow, and more to come. Power vinyasa classes are offered at different levels: Elevate Foundations and Elevate Power Yoga 2. Linsley details that “Elevate Foundations is an introductory yoga class that explores breath, alignment, and flowing breath to movement. Elevate Power Yoga 2 includes continuous movement through postures that improve your strength and mobility.” The Elevate Company’s variety of classes are accessible to varying levels. Beyond physical abilities, they can accommodate traveling and busy yogis with virtual lessons. If finances are a little tight, there’s also free, community-based yoga offered regularly. No matter your physical or financial state, The Elevate Company is an accessible avenue to healthier living.

East Bay Herbals elixir

In addition to integrating yoga into your routine, another long-standing healing practice can act as a complementary aid to your health goals: herbalism. Anna Beachemin, owner of East Bay Herbals, explains that, “Herbalism is one of the oldest healing practices around, with a long and rich history of supporting people using the medicinal and nutritional power of plants.” So how does Beauchemin deliver the healing properties of herbalism to her clients? Luckily, she provides a multitude of products and services.

Beauchemin offers products, one-on-one consultations, and classes.


She says, “As a Clinical Registered Herbalist and Holistic Nutritionist, I offer integrative health and wellness consultation, health coaching, and community education. In addition to seeing clients one-on-one and teaching, I also make high-quality herbal products using local and organic ingredients which I offer through my apothecary shop and herbal product subscription.”

For those of you looking to make yoga and herbalism an attainable part of your 2023 health journey, visit East Bay Herbals and The Elevate Company on First Street. Before heading out for your yoga class, register online at You’ll find more information on events and membership on their website. For East Bay Herbals, visit for more information on classes, products, and consultations, available by appointment only.

Anna Beauchemin of East Bay Herbals