First Street, Benicia’s community living room, has acquired new furniture and rearranged some of the old as businesses meander in and out or swap locations. Maybe it’s spring fever, but this month is seeing more activity than usual. Roseanna’s European Delights is moving from East 4th & Military to lower First Street (near the water), occupying the building recently vacated by Benicia Antiques. Francesca Cavanaugh, former owner of Halo Skin Spa, has sold Halo and is soon to open Little Bird, a children’s quality toy and game store, recently vacated by Sugarland Specialties, next to the Chamber of Commerce. Any store specializing in children’s items is a huge asset to our town.

Piccolo and Shiroco, former neighbors in the 600 block of First, have teamed up and reopened in the Harbor Walk building at the lower end of the street. The new space has an urban/industrial vibe, with Piccolo on the left and Shiroco on the right as you enter the double doors. Lots of light wraps around this corner location with floor-to-ceiling windows, one of which overlooks the public plaza to the south with the sculpture Dona Benicia’s Mantilla.  Laurie Key, owner of Piccolo, and Erick Martinez, owner of Shiroco are clearly excited about the new space. Couldn’t help notice that Piccolo has some very cool striped shirts for spring.

Rob Storelee, owner of the Von Pfister building and R A Storelee Insurance, is opening a new sports bar where Choices used to be. A peek inside during construction shows it to be a classy place to hang out. And for those of you hoping to find a gluten-free breakfast, the Inn at Benicia Bay is offering several options, including cinnamon rolls (yes, cinnamon rolls, reportedly delicious!) and pancakes.