Stephanie’s Recommendations

The Wife, the Maid, and the Mistress by Ariel Lawhon

The convergence of characters in this lusty, engaging romp of a book is truly fascinating. Mystery, scandal and politics collide in a story drawn from the true-life disappearance of a real judge—a mystery never solved to this day. Fans of “Boardwalk Empire” will love this book!

Everybody into the Pool, by Beth Lisick

Irreverent, hilarious and utterly enjoyable! Lissick is self-deprecating and has the rare ability to laugh at nearly any situation. She shares her howlingly funny stories about her life with spunk and pep. Comprised of short chapters, this book is one that you’ll want to pass on to your girlfriends.

The Silver Star, by Jeannette Walls

She has done it again! As with Dish, The Glass Castle, and Half Broke Horses, Walls seems unable to do any wrong in her writing. This lovely piece of fiction, set in 1979 is told so fluidly that I had to keep reminding myself that it’s a novel. Her vivid, life-infused characters are engrossing.

Mary Coin, by Marisa Silver

In this fascinating book, Silver imagines the histories of two women who created one of the most iconic images of the Great Depression, and fills in the gaps that the past has left blank. A touching, in-depth look into their lives and loves, prizes and pitfalls, hopes and failures.

Gone Girl, Dark Places or Sharp Objects, by Gillian Flynn

Flynn’s raw, thought-provoking, visceral writing is a literary barbed wire fence with just enough cut and pulled back for the reader to creep through without getting too

Christine’s Recommendations

Life after Life, by Kate Atkinson

Absolutely brilliant! Atkinson creates a character that lives, dies, starts again, dies, and tries again. Each life is a different event, a different death. Super intelligent, masterfully created, this will leave you staring at the page in amazement.

Stoner, by John Williams

Originally published in 1965, this novel was received fairly well and then quietly disappeared. Thank goodness someone thought to republish it! It is a masterpiece of almost flawless prose—a quiet story of an eventful life and yet as a reader you are completely pulled in.

Any book by Louise Penny

Are you looking for a new mystery author with great characters, believable stories and not too much fire? Try this author. I discovered her a few years ago and she hasn’t failed me yet! Great plots, likeable characters and beautiful locations.