Here’s the thing.

So many of us have been doing the same thing in the same place, every single day, for months. We really are starving for a little indulgence, a little bit of feeling special, of delighting in a beautiful space and perhaps music. Impossible? Perhaps not. There is a unique caterer and event planner in our small town that has taken on the challenge of Covid and has created something new.

Supper’s On is a small event business owned by Michelle Hederling.

In normal times Michelle would produce a variety of events, from intimate dinner parties to major galas. She is a specialist in tablescaping and is immensely imaginative in coming up with creative themes for all size gatherings, many with travel themes, like Japan, Thailand or safari (photo safari, of course). She specializes in catering to all different food tastes and diets, including vegan, plant based, keto and beyond. Using locally sourced and organic ingredients, Michelle had a robust clientele.   

But 2020 delivered something that even the most seasoned event planners couldn’t have expected: the coronavirus pandemic. With events cancelling and small businesses and restaurants closing, Michelle knew she had to pivot to something else, something new.         

With most small businesses facing similar challenges, Michelle thought, “Why not collaborate?” 

She talked with vendors and suppliers and came up with micro events that are Covid compliant, limiting the guest list to only 2 to 6 people, members of a pod. Michelle began creating small dinners in collaboration with Sweetness & Light florist, and called them Enchantment Evenings. She decided to use local photographers, local retailers and incorporate other downtown businesses in each event. 

She then came up with themed micro events, like Spicy & Saucy for couples. This event takes place at a secret location and includes a 5 course dinner, music and conversation about relationships. Each event that Michelle devises is tiny, exclusive and beautifully designed. 

Michelle is a wonderful example of entrepreneurship in Benicia, she is upbeat and energetic, and she does her best to engage as many businesses as possible in her productions.