Summer Reading Program Begins

It’s almost summer and school’s out! Even if your last homework assignment is decades behind you, we’ve been culturally conditioned to think of the summer months as a time of rest, relaxation, and recreation. For such pursuits, the Benicia Public Library has you covered.

Summer Reading Program registration for all ages started on Wednesday, June 15. Teens get a packet that includes activities and prizes. Children may choose from six themes: Art, Codes and Puzzles, Comics, Movement, Science and Nature, and Toddler. Not only is it a fun way to while away lazy, hot days, it’s also important!

Research shows that children who participate in public library summer reading programs do better academically. Reading for fun is essential to helping students become better readers, writers, and spellers. Reading for fun over the summer reduces “summer slide,” the tendency for students to lose reading and math fluency during the break—some studies have shown that the cumulative effect of this phenomenon can result in students being as much as two years behind their classmates by the time they enter middle school, whereas students who read recreationally outperform those who don’t.

It’s known that students read more when they can choose materials based on their own interests. So, the focus is on making reading fun. Sign up early! Find a book, a magazine, an audiobook, or a graphic novel, have fun, and return to school strong and ready to learn more.

The program runs through August 31. Get more information and sign up at the library’s customer service desk, 150 East L Street.