Is the remorse of post-holiday caloric excess hitting you hard right about now? Perhaps the free pass of party-season overindulgence is literally weighing you down, and you are contemplating starting a new workout routine, or renewing your lapsed gym membership. But where’s the best place to start?

Fortunately for locals, there’s no shortage of gyms and other fitness arenas that can suit just about anyone’s idea of a motivational workout within minutes of Benicia’s furthest boundaries. Whether your idea of a great workout is hopping on a bike, swimming, jumping into a kayak, walking or running on Benicia’s many scenic trails, taking a class or hitting the gym, this town is teeming with options. Shake up your current routine by trying something new, and involve different muscle groups in the process.

An important first step is to discuss any fitness plan with your health care professional before jumping in. Once given the go-ahead, the next step is to make a commitment and stick with it, by sheer force of will or using a buddy system; set your goals and track your progress. You can also
take a little help from technology—there are many apps available for your smart phone.

Here in Benicia we are spoiled for choice. To organize the array of options, we’ve broken local options down by category: Aerobics, Dance, Yoga, Gyms and Pilates. There are specialty focuses within the categories as well. For example, Marleen’s Yoga structures classes around the student’s need to feel more balanced mentally, emotionally, energetically & physically, and The Benicia Yoga House offers many different types of classes. The same goes for Benicia’s gyms, they each have their own unique philosophy, classes and equipment. Take a tour, check them out and have fun getting fit in 2015.


Benicia Jazzercise   This Benicia institution lures women of all ages to fun, high and low impact workouts., 707.748.0827
City of Benicia  Water aerobics and aerobics classes., 707.746.4200


Ligioso Ballet Studio  Classical ballet promoting technique, integrity and professionalism., 707.310.0928
Benicia Ballet School   Children and adults classically trained for pleasure and fitness., 707.746.6757
Stage One Dance Studio   Jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary, lyrical, musical theater & pre-ballet/tap classes., 707.745.1834
Susie Harper School of Dance   Developing self-confidence and  self-esteem through movement, teamwork and fun., 707.745.6717
Tip Tap Toe   A professional environment where dancers of all experiences inspire each other., 707.373.7584
The Daily Method   Combining the best of Pilates, yoga, and ballet barre training in the Historic Arsenal., 707.751.1530


Marleen’s Yoga   Rehab, Deep Stretch and Strength & Alignment classes designed to suit students’ needs., 707.246.2331
Benicia Yoga House   Physically and mentally challenging but designed for all levels. Many types of yoga classes., 707.297.6769


CrossFit707   Voted one of the best CrossFit Gyms in the United States by SHAPE Magazine 2014, the goal here is to “kick ass at life.”, 330.671.3841
Benicia Fitness   Joy Rund, Benicia Fitness veteran, has refreshed and refurbished the gym with new equipment and classes., 707.745.1511
Benicia CrossFit   “Changing lives 1 rep at a time” is this gym’s motto, and that regardless of fitness level anyone can benefit from CrossFit., 707.742-3095
Training Loft 714   A newcomer on the scene, kickboxing, cardio fusion, weight training, TRX and more are part of the lineup., 707.742.4043
Griffin Fitness   Specializing in one-on-one training, helping clients achieve results  through hard work and dedication., 707.747.6677
Benicia Health and Fitness Club   Benicia’s largest gym includes circuit room, spin, classes, sauna, childcare and more., 707.751.0273


From the Core Pilates   Progressive fitness and wellness studio emphasizing consistency, mindful exercise and fun; individual and group coaching., 707.373.9245


Benicia Bicycle Club


James Lemos Pool


Benicia Day Hikers
Benicia Education Foundation Run for Education   Annual 5K and 10K run, 1 mile walk to benefit Benicia Unified schools, April 19.


Benicia Outrigger Canoe Club