I found a gin for the light hearted drinker.

When I say light hearted drinker, I mean the drinker who enjoys most spirits in a decorated tall glass. This drinker normally enjoys flavored vodka and predictably orders daiquiris or the classic mojito. You’re probably thinking, that’s not a light hearted drinker, that’s just a beginner. I know.… but some habits never die. This gin is suitable for gin connoisseurs and would-be gin-haters, alike. Empress 1908 Gin.

The Empress is nothing but class in a glass. Not only will the natural indigo color hypnotize you, it will enlighten. When this beautiful gem is mixed with citrus, the color will change to a beautiful glowing blush color. Distilled from pea blossoms with added botanicals, this spirit gives off subtle aromas of lavender and orange peel. Everything about this gin reminds me of spring. It cannot be compared to the typical gin, which might conjure unwanted reminders of Pine Sol or pine tree car air fresheners. I promise, this will create nothing but good, refreshing memories.

Now let’s get some spring into your glass. Empress Gin 1908 does have an amazing website full of great recipes, but I was inspired to try a recipe called The Bee Knees.

The Bee’s Knees 

You’ll need a shaker for this one.


2oz of Empress Gin 1908 (Safeway, Bevmo or Target)

Half to ¾ of an ounce of honey Syrup

1oz of Fresh lemon juice. Yes, it has to be fresh!


Shake over ice, and pour into your favorite dainty glass.

Enjoy your gem cocktail outside.