Spotlight on Voena

25th Anniversary show - Talent on the move

October 20thVOENA Choir brings a special 25th anniversary show to Lucca’s from 2:00 to 7:00 pm. Benefitting “Talent On The Move,” a showcase created by Director Annabelle Marie, solo artists feature their unique qualities as each chooses, styles and produces a tune and its performance. Under the direction of Annabelle, the show begins with the ‘Hummingbirds’ preschoolers followed by the Preparatory Intermediate Choir. The Concert Choir is on at 2:45 before Talent On The Move hits the stage at 3:30. Building to the full 40 voice choir, drummer Jeff Campitelli and associates join the ensemble, adding an unannounced surprise at 5:30 pm. If you’ve enjoyed the sound of four part harmony, imagine a group of VOENA’s power and harmonic originality backed by Rolling Stone Magazine’s 50th greatest drummer and friends. Tickets $20 at, Lucca’s and at the door. Many thanks to Jan Lucca and Marty Duvall for the invitation to and open donation of Lucca’s venue.

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