While on a recent buying trip to the five apparel markets in Las Vegas, I decided to attend a trend show. There are always a number of seminars that are available for buyers to get information on a wide range of retail topics including sourcing, importing, marketing and style trends.

The seminar I attended was put on by a company called Fashion Snoops and co-sponsored by The Taiwan Textile Federation. Their business is to forecast trends in fashion and textiles two years or more in advance. Held at the Las Vegas Hilton Convention Center, it was packed with interested store owners and designers. Those who came late were resigned to hike up their skirts and sit on the floor while looking for answers from the fashion crystal ball.

The top global trends of Fall/Winter 2010/2011 from Fashion Snoops are:

Saville Row: Men’s wear and the hit TV series, Madmen’s influence is one of the strongest looks for fall with tailored suiting and lot of grey paired with black. Fabrics include pin striping, flannel and a new treatment called painted plaid. Lace appeared in collections to feminize the strong lines and the fedora was the "go to" chapeau for this classic look.

Retro 50’s: Glamour is prevalent with the "Betty Page" pinup-girl style, also popularized by Madmen. There are full skirts and body-shaping narrow dresses that show lots of décolleté.

Alpine: A mix of military and ski influences for clothing and accessories: volume in knitwear with plush fabrics and boiled wool, faux fur and shearling and dramatic blanket capes. What I like about this theme is the ear-flapped hats and oversized berets. Boho chic, a combination of western, tribal and hippie, continues as a trend.

Boarding school: Shorter skirts with leggings and jeggings (jeans & leggings combined) give a different perspective to back-to-school. Fabrics include flannel, colored denim and plaid. Hats are the "poor boy" version popularized in the 60’s, and eyewear with tortoise frames that give a bookish appearance.

Color trends include lipstick red, Dijon gold, peony purple, peacock blue, army green, chartreuse, camel, chocolate, cream, lots of grey and even more black – the fashion staple. As I took notes I realized that there wasn’t a color that wasn’t mentioned. The shade or intensity changed from fall to spring and then back to fall. Some of the trends seemed to be ideas that had been done over and over again.

I pondered, sitting in this room of industry trend setters, if there was really anything new in fashion. Didn’t I tell women in 1985 to add lace to their suits to create a softer look? Should we really hold on to something in case in comes back in style?

Fashion reinterpreted as a reflection of ourselves and our times. The menswear and boyfriend jackets we wore in the 80’s are different in 2010 because of the construction of the garment and the technology of the fabric. Let’s face it, we’ve changed since the 80’s in our appearance and personal style. In today’s world of Facebook, Twitter , the web, TV, movies, magazines and newspapers, fashion information is nonstop and a trend can literally be here today and gone tomorrow. Women are looking for ways to look modern and updated without looking like a fashion victim. Choosing what we buy for fall shouldn’t be based on a specific trend or current color, but in clothing and accessories that give the wardrobe a kick.

Here’s a peak at what didn’t stay in Vegas:

• Accessories that continue to be bold and architectural
• Beehive hairdos reminiscent of Bridget Bardot with dresses cut to reveal the shoulder, neckline and a women’s curves
• Emphasis on the leg with jeggings ( Jeans and Leggings combined), wide legged trousers and tights that give the appearance of tattooed patterns
• Rubber boots designed for more than puddles
• Fedoras and top hats
• Oversized flower motifs on handbags and hats
• Voluminous skirts in rich fabrics worn with t-shirts or sweaters

I also learned a new phrase …"Juxtapose a look," which seems to sum up fall 2010 – pairing clothing that illustrates self-expression.