What a happy revelation…

…to discover that our own Benicia High School Marching Band, the Panther Band, will be performing at New York City’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade this year! Under the direction of Patrick Martin, the Panther Band is known for being one of the top performing groups in Northern California. This group participates in numerous band competitions and concerts, both in our immediate vicinity and outside the state, and prides itself on its high level of proficiency.

The Panther Band is united by a common creed: Panther Pride.

This pride and constant desire for excellence has helped maintain the quality of the program for over thirty years. The band has performed at local events such as parades, regional band reviews, and out of state events in New York, Chicago, New Orleans, the Rose Parade and at countless others. Handling the logistics of a large group such as an entire marching band is daunting, but the Panther Band is assisted by a local Benicia organization aptly titled World Projects.

World Projects presents music events…

…for instrumental and choral ensembles from across the globe. Each festival is an unforgettable experience that provides an outlet for inspirational performance opportunities and first hand cultural exchange, all while sharing the joy of music. Their festivals and tours are carefully customized for all types of music ensembles at every level of music education. 

World Projects assists…

…the different musical groups in applying for the various festivals and events, helps them submit a video as part of the application, and once the musical group is accepted, World Projects handles the logistics of the entire trip itself. In effect, the musical group, in this case Benicia High Panther Band, is free to concentrate on their performance, and leave the details (plane reservations, room reservations, transportation to the venue, etc.) to World Projects. How fortunate we are that such a symbiotic relationship exists that enables our excellent high school band to enjoy these once in a lifetime musical opportunities!

For more information regarding Benicia High Panther Band’s schedule, check out the website, bhspantherband.com  

For more information on World Projects, feel free to contact Deborah Gibbs at 707.556.5885.