Simplify in Thirty with Simplified Spaces
An Interview with the Founders of Simplified Spaces

By Dalia Nino and Penny Stell

In a world filled with hustle and bustle, finding tranquility within our living spaces has become more important than ever, especially as the season of renewal approaches with the promise of Spring Cleaning. Maintaining an orderly and decluttered space can have beneficial effects on mental and physical health. But, the task of decluttering can seem daunting. Enter, Simplified Spaces, a decluttering business founded by two dynamic ladies, Megan and Leewan, who are on a mission to create harmony through organized living. In this exclusive interview, we sit down with the brains behind the operation to uncover their secrets to decluttering success.

Benicia Quarterly: What inspired you to start Simplified Spaces?

Simplified Spaces Founders: We have been friends for a long time, helping each other declutter our spaces. Then, we began organizing spaces for friends and family free of charge. Organizing, our love language and act of service, alleviates life’s overwhelmingness for those around us. The order, baskets, and systems called to us, prompting us to turn our shared passion into a career. Our goal is to share the transformative power of decluttering, helping others find calm in their homes.

BQ: How does Simplified Spaces differ from other decluttering services? 

SSF: What sets us apart is our personalized approach. We don’t just declutter; we curate spaces that align with our clients’ lifestyles. Our process is rooted in understanding their needs, ensuring the solutions we implement are sustainable and tailored to their unique preferences. Our goal is to help others “Feel Good” in their own home.

BQ: What challenges do people commonly face when it comes to decluttering?

SSF: Time constraints and emotional attachments to belongings are recurring challenges. People often find it difficult to let go of items tied to memories. We guide them through the process with empathy and provide practical solutions to overcome these hurdles, going as deep as they want us to.

BQ: What is your approach to handling unwanted items, and how do you recommend finding new homes for them? 

SSF: We believe in sustainable practices, so instead of merely discarding items, we explore options for donation, recycling, or finding new homes. For example, we use as a  permanent digital home for photographs, videos and more. Our goal is not only to declutter physical spaces but also to contribute positively to the community and the environment. 

BQ: What are your go-to places to donate items? 

SSF: We love Trash to Treasure (Museum of History Benicia), Faith Food Friday (826 Solano Ave, Vallejo), VVA Pickup (, Aldea Treatment Foster Care & Adoption Services, and Cary Wong, a retired volunteer in Benicia, who helps collect items for those in need.

BQ: How can readers start decluttering their spaces today? 

SSF: We have a simple approach. We first ask our clients how they want their space to look and feel. We then use 3 bins for each space we are focusing on, and label them “Trash”, “Keep” and “Donate.” After sorting items, we organize the ”Keep” items. To kickstart your journey, we’ve prepared an exclusive PDF guide, “Simplify in Thirty” This comprehensive resource provides actionable tips and a roadmap to reclaiming your living areas. Download the PDF.

Embark on the journey to a simplified life by following expert advice and practical tips from Simplified Spaces. For an immersive experience, watch their video on our Instagram page, and kickstart your Spring Cleaning challenge by downloading their guide. Share your progress by tagging us @beniciamagazine in before and after photos of your transformed spaces. Though it can seem like a herculean effort, especially if you’re doing it yourself, the rewards of a decluttered life are worth it. Take the leap towards a clutter-free and organized lifestyle today!

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