We’ve waited two long years with high expectations to see our screen BFFs and to find out what they are up to with love, each other, New York and fashion. The sequel to Sex and the City the Movie is sure to please fans who can’t get enough of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda.

Fashion remains a central theme in the film and there is decadence in every scene. There is a wedding scene with Liza with a Z performing in what else – Halston black sequins. The New York shots show dresses and skirts with plenty of leg and shoes, shoes, shoes. The new "it" shoe designer is Christian Louboutin with his signature red soles. In the opening scene, Carrie Bradshaw wears a white vintage Halston dress with Louboutin glitter heels, gold aviator sunglasses, a Chanel clutch and a Solange Azagury-Partridge jeweled necklace. It seems as if Carrie has evolved from the oversized flower white dress she wore to open SATC1 into a 5th Avenue diva. The infamous closet that was central to the first movie’s plot is now full of couture treasures. And as Carrie and John (Mr. Big) celebrate their second anniversary, we wonder what fashion trends are about to be launched by The Sex and the City phenomenon.

The New York City skyline is replaced by the mysterious mosques and palaces of Abu Dhabi as the four friends "get out of town" on a magic carpet road trip. "We are definitely not in Kansas anymore!", Carrie explains as she enters the sumptuous hotel in the middle of the Arabian Desert.

The desert is having a fashion impact on the summer 2010 collections. Harem pants that work as an option for events with a strappy sandal or for more casual occasions are already in stores. Surprisingly, they look great on a wide variety of body types and heights. Since the filming of the movie actually took place in Morocco, certain customs had to be followed regarding the showing of skin -especially shoulders. The women wore longer skirts, but usually with an extreme slit. Scarves were used for coverage as well as drama as head wraps, sarongs, shrugs, shawls and jackets.

Clothing and accessories are bold in color and design. Fabrics are sheer and flowing. Hats that were designed as turbans or with wide brims are stylish, but practical in the intense Arabian sunshine. An outfit favorite is worn by Carrie in the marketplace, filmed in a sea of desert tones: an extravagant long purple skirt with a t-shirt that says “J’ Adore Dior 8” and outrageous pink sandals with heels up to there. Definitely a fashionista moment.

New trends inspired by the movie are aviator sunglasses, flower pendant necklaces, umbrellas, tunics, harem pants, long skirts, strappy sandals with the highest of heels, and maybe some camel riding – always appropriate in Benicia!
Cinema is an escape from reality – now more than ever. Decadence called, and SATC2 answered. And though the four friends have made significant changes in their lives since they met in the ‘80s with their Flash Dance attire, they remain soul mates. Despite the over-the-top production, we keep watching because we can relate to the enduring bonds of friendship – and fantasize about those Christian Louboutin shoes!