Meet the newly promoted Sgt. Michelle King, Benicia’s first woman sergeant. Below is her letter to Benicians.

I’m 31 years old, grew up in Solano County and have lived most of my life in the area. I graduated from California State University, Chico, with honors, with a degree in sociology. A year after graduation, I moved to Puerto Rico for one year, working with a nonprofit organization. From there, I knew I wanted to become a police officer. I felt it was the best way to serve my community and make a difference. I became an officer in December 2015, and have been working for the City of Benicia for the past five and a half years.

I have served as a patrol officer, criminal detective, and eventually a Corporal in investigations. I investigated frauds and attempted murders, and helped supervise and mentor the unit, before moving back to patrol as a Corporal. Some of my ancillary duties include defensive tactic instructor, Taser instructor, and serving as a member of the peer support team. I am also a member of the Solano County Crisis Negotiations Team.

I have had the privilege of working various types of cases during my career, through which I’ve developed unique and special relationships. One of my proudest moments as an officer so far has been this promotion. But outside of that, it is the relationships I have developed with my community and co-workers. One of my favorite memories as an officer was responding to a call for service and having the citizen involved recognize me and give me a hug, thankful it was a “familiar and friendly” face coming to help that day. Knowing that my work means something to my community, and that the effort I put in is making a difference, makes me very proud. I feel honored to have the opportunity to do it.

I feel extremely thankful to be the first female sergeant in Benicia. I appreciate the hard work of women who have come before me, not only in this department, but this profession. The examples made and hard work done by other women have helped contribute to this opportunity. I am also thankful to work for a department that is diverse and has an administration and Chief that support members to grow as individuals and leaders. I am thankful for their support in my ambition to serve my community and peers in this capacity.

This community holds a very special place in my heart. I believe Benicia is a community filled with people who are fun, passionate, caring and hard working. It’s a place where people respect and help one another. Time and time again, on calls for service where people are in need, community members step up and offer help or assistance in different and creative ways. To be able to serve a community of people who love and respect each other in that way is a special rarity, and something that I think inspires all of us.

“Sgt. King is truly a wonderful asset to this organization and community.” -Chief Mike Greene