Refresh Your Look with Selvedge Denim

This new year you might feel the urge to change up your look, and that’s exciting! Exploring what type of clothing or what style makes you feel most confident should not be exclusive to one gender. Fashion can be fun and should be enjoyed by everyone. But if you’re new to it, picking a place to start can be a considerable challenge.

Denim is the classic staple of any wardrobe.

Whether it is your go-to pair of pants or your favorite winter jacket covered in patches, I’d bet there’s at least one denim product in your closet that has felt a lot of love through the years. Nothing screams adventure and freedom like a pair of well-worn denim jeans.

Over the years, with the rise of fast fashion, denim has lost some of its old, American feel. We’ve gravitated toward cheap, trendy jeans that tear at the seams within a few months. “Heritage” fashion and a resurgence of ruggedness in menswear have become popular selling points for many brands countering the fast fashion movement. The revival of old-school design and manufacturing processes can be seen in many contemporary clothing stores and has sparked passion in people who never thought they’d be interested in fashion. This New Year, instead of jumping the gun and ordering a bunch of clothes from ASOS that will inevitably end up in a donation bin, I suggest you invest in a pair of raw, selvedge denim jeans.

Selvedge denim hanging on a rack

One of the most rewarding aspects of well-made denim is that it ages with you.

Starting with raw denim allows you to slowly create a custom pair of jeans as you wear them, and if you take care of them, that pair of jeans can last you years.

Most jeans sold today are produced by washing and distressing the denim to achieve an artificial worn-in look. Raw denim is unwashed and untreated, giving the wearer a clean slate to work with that will fade naturally over time. All you have to do is wear your raw jeans as long as you can before washing them, wear ‘em hard, and soon you’ll have a personalized, naturally faded pair of trousers.

Standard and Strange shop

Ok, so raw denim means a more customized pair of pants. But what does “selvedge” mean?

Selvedge denim is an old-fashioned way of weaving denim. Selvedge denim holds a sort of historical authenticity. The denim mills that choose to produce selvedge understand and value the history of denim. They don’t do it because it’s easier or in higher demand; they make it because they truly love denim. Because of this passion, they’re more likely to decide on superior, heritage-inspired products. It becomes an artisan endeavor. Selvedge denim also has a distinct style advantage. Rolled or cuffed selvedge jeans show the selvedge ID, which quite simply looks more interesting than non-selvedge jeans.

There aren’t many places to try on raw and selvedge denim in the Bay Area. Luckily, one of the most knowledgeable and friendly stores is a short drive from Benicia. Standard & Strange began with two guys selling denim in a back alley in Oakland. They have since grown to be a socially responsible organization with three brick-and-mortar stores and an engaged community of customers. Standard & Strange is committed to old-world style customer service. You’ll be greeted with a smile, guided through your shopping experience with honesty, and left with a deeper understanding of the art of making the clothing you wear. Everything they sell is built to last and has been manufactured ethically, so you know you’re getting the best of the best. Starting in 2020, Standard & Strange began to donate 2% of their revenue to social equality and other causes, making your decision to shop with them mean even more.

Put more thought into your clothing choices this year, skip the fast fashion binge and invest in the ageless art of raw, selvedge denim!