Robert Semple Dragon Dash

Coming back to in-person learning this past school year has presented many challenges as well as many inspiring moments for the Robert Semple Community. One of the most inspiring moments is our Robert Semple “Dragon Dash” Fun Run, also known as the Boosterthon.

Most schools at some point in the year utilize a fun run style fundraiser. This year, members of the RSE PTG chose to retain a higher percentage of profit from the fundraising company by taking on more event day responsibilities, such as setting up the lap course and many other responsibilities needed to host such an event.  

PTG also had to acquire event day T-shirts. A Robert Semple parent who owns a local graphic design company stepped up by offering a generous discount to design and order our “Dragon Dash” event t-shirts. RSE office staff took on more responsibility this year with prize tracking and distribution. One of our Semple parents even volunteered his time and equipment to DJ and MC the event. The success of this fundraiser is thanks to a whole village of helping hands. 

Boosterthon teaches millions of students across the nation about the importance of fitness, leadership and character while helping schools to raise needed funds. This year, Robert Semple made $32,384, which is a significantly higher profit than would have been earned if RSE chose to have the fundraising company provide all of the event day support. We are so very grateful that teachers, staff, parents and families came together to support our kids. 

Robert Semple made $32,384 which was possible only because of our community, who is generous with both their time and monetary resources, including the generous contributions from local businesses whose funds paid for 100% of our T-shirt costs for 435 students. 

Our Robert Semple community would like to give a HUGE Shout Out to our local businesses which are listed below. These amazing businesses came together to sponsor our kids, especially during these hard times! 

  • Mayor Steve Young
  • Valero
  • Sandoval’s
  • Jose’s Junk Removal 
  • Mozart Einstein and Me
  • CHRIS Engine & Auto Repair
  • ACE
  • Will & Atlas 
  • Double Rainbow Cafe  
  • Milkman Athletics 

The money we raised will fund important supplies for our students such as art supplies, STEAM supplies, playground equipment, etc.