Sometimes you just need a break in the dinner routine. We usually head to First Street on Friday nights, but the June Gloom is insisting on a different approach: comfy sweats and a couple good movies. I’m hungry but don’t want to cook—what to do?

Here’s one solution. Benicia has a new business that will deliver food from most local restaurants at the time of your choosing. Imagine – more than just pizza, delivered to your door. When you want it. Even last minute! has a quick and easy way to have a delicious, hot meal within the hour. From the website, choose your favorite restaurant, then the menu items you want, and verify your identity using your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social networking site. Enter a credit card number, then select the time you want it delivered. You can do this in advance or last-minute. It takes about 3 minutes once you’ve settled on a meal.

We await healthy, hot food from Venticellos as I write. This is my second time ordering from The owners are not some chain outfit looking to expand here. They are locals with the business savvy and motivation it takes to be successful. It’s Friday night, and I made the online order at 5:30pm. The website gives you a choice of delivery times by the half-hour. 6:30 was “filling up” but still available. From order confirmation to delivery time in under an hour. How fab is that?