Dusting Off the Family Bikes!

The great outdoors beckons, and the warmer days of spring demand our attendance. What better way to enjoy the sunshine than a family bike ride? But before that inaugural spring outing, it’s a good idea to make sure the family bicycles are all in good working order after the cold and wet months. For health and safety, downtown Benicia’s Wheels in Motion owner Greg Andrada recommends annual bike maintenance. Spring is a good time to undertake those steps, he said, adding “after winter the bicycles have been sitting for awhile and need some attention.”  Found at 735 First Street, Wheels in Motion offers free safety inspections. “Regular inspections and maintenance also make for an easier, nicer ride.”

An unfortunate problem during a Benicia bike ride

Jerry Bowles

An unfortunate problem

A Friendly Hub for Wheeled Activities

Business accelerates at the long-time bike hub, which has all manner of wheeled sports gear, and in the spring, and it’s no wonder. Benicia is big on bikes, and folks are ready to take to Benicia’s many trails and quiet side streets. A member of the Benicia Bicycle Club, Mayor Elizabeth Patterson said the steady increase in bicycling interest and opportunities is exciting. Benicia has bicyclists of all kinds and proficiency levels including serious, long-distance riders, bike club members, off-trail bikers, commuters, children and families out for enjoyment, and others making short shopping trips, she said. Some people favor electric bikes and hybrid bicycles are also popular, said Andrada. New bike trails are in the works, too, including sections of the Bay Area Ridge Trail and along Park Road in the Benicia Industrial Park. “We have a very diverse bicycle population here,” said Patterson. Bikers on long rides that take them through the North Bay are also discovering Benicia and its bicycling charms.

Wheels in Motion's Top 10 Bicycle Maintenance Suggestions

  1.  Check tires for cracks and ensure they are correctly inflated
  2.  Inspect and clean the brakes
  3.  Check the brake pads for excessive wear
  4.  Make sure wheels are “true” and don’t wobble
  5.  Check the oil and chain
  6.  Check lights and reflectors
  7.  Make sure the handlebar grips are in good working order.
  8.  Oil the gear cluster and lube the seat post
  9.  Replace helmets that are more than 3 years old
  10.   Get a professional tune-up and servicing