Cathy Forbes: Living in a town that has so many friendly people, charming family events, low crime, clean streets and beautiful sunsets. Sometimes Benicia feels like it has pixie dust sprinkled on it… we love it here.

Wanda Cronin Heitzman: While others may look at their cup as half full or half empty….I'm just THANKFUL I have a cup!

Karen Reed: Living in Paradise before my calling to Paradise with the man of my dreams

Lisa Lomba: Friends, trees, ocean, animals, poetry, and love.

Cathy Billings: For the donor family who donated a Kidney for me in 2011!!!

Christina Moore: I am thankful for family who I can consider friends, and for friends who I can consider family.

Charlotte Dougherty: I am thankful for being able to live my passion, which is to enhance people’s lives through the therapeutic value of horses.

Pamela Moore: I am thankful for my loving family on earth and in heaven.

Mariessa Deltorchio: Every minute of every day!

Larry Morace: That Benicia deserves its own magazine.

Achillea Mahko: I'm grateful for Beth's fantastically talented n tasty cooking 🙂

Corky Meyers: Jerry Garcia

Mike Mantor: Gerry McCarroll

Eileen Stern: I am grateful for all the wonderful paths and trails in the Vallejo and Benicia area. Beautiful views and great places to walk, run or just think…

Jeanette Palombi: I am thankful for my child, my family, my friends and all of our good health! I am thankful for every morning, waking up and knowing that I have a new day to participate in.

Doris Atkinson: I'm thankful for my family and my friends, for being able to appreciate the beauty, wonder and possibilities of each moment—for music and dancing, for being able to express my experience creatively … for having been brought up in the Bay Area with its accepting attitude and so much natural beauty all around.

Mary Frances Kelly-Poh: I am grateful for all the friends that I have in town and all the adventures I can get into! Plus I am grateful for enjoying my retirement.

Jennifer Dorsch Payne : I am grateful my soldier will be home from South Korea for Thanksgiving with the family.