Casey Garcia High: Seeing the Benicia High School Panther Band (and two of my kids) march down 5th Avenue in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City!

Katie Ferguson Hetrick High: Moving to Benicia from Sacramento. Low: Discovering there aren’t enough tennis courts here! (That is a VERY good low to have!) We love living here!

Jane Cooper Miller High: Coming back to Benicia for a small family reunion around two weddings, our Nephew and our son. Good laughs, love and fun had. Low: leaving to go back to San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico and leave our family behind.

Wanda Cronin Heitzman High: Welcoming my first granddaughter into this world. Low: The financial stress my husband & I have been going through.

Benicia Main Street High: This year we celebrated 25 years as a Main Street Program and applauded the fact that our Certified Farmers Market has brought farm fresh produce and throngs of shoppers downtown for 20 years. We’ve said ‘goodbye’ to some businesses on First Street and ‘hello’ to new ones—a silver-lining in these challenging economic times.

Michelle Stansbury High: Buying a home in the best town ever, Benicia. Low: Passing of my mother in law who was to live with us in her new home.

Royce Brister High: My wife, my children, my family, my friends, and my COUNTRY.

Jens I-man High: 4 more years Low: Windows 8

Mary Frances Kelly-Poh High: hubby retiring and going on a great trip. Low was best friend from college diagnosed with cancer. She is doing well now.

Corby Selzer Our high wouldn’t be without our lowest low…earlier this year our 7 month old son contracted infant botulism. Witnessing his full recovery has been the highlight of our year.

Annabel Marie High: A definite high for VOENA was going to the Olympics. Another high was writing a song called “America” honoring 58 Bay Area Olympians. VOENA premiered it during half-time at the 49ers game. Another dream that finally came true was launching VOENA in Benicia Schools. Low: The need for funds to serve a growing number of new, low income students.

Julia R Allen High: 4th of July family reunion including our annual visit to Myrtle Beach. Low: demonstrated hatred leading up to the election.

Colin Sherman Nelson High: Rejoining this wonderful community! Low: Seeing La Rouche “Hitler” signs outside the post office.