Welcome to our new feature! Each month, we’ll be asking our Facebook fans a question about life, and posting a sampling of responses here. From gardening to dark chocolate, this month’s question, “How do you de-stress?” prompted lots of replies to keep in mind when stress has you grinding your teeth.

Dan Barden: Meditation, tai chi, slacklining, nature, skydiving

Eric Hoglund: Golf

Dan Jensen: I take a walk at the Benicia State Recreation Area! Also on Saturday mornings between 9:30 and 11:30 I tend at the Forrest Deaner native plant botanic garden. The friendly people and community spirit help relax me from a very stressed out week!

Julia R. Allen: I make sure to exercise at least 3 times a week. I take deep breaths to relax and I remember to keep things in perspective. The world will continue to revolve around the sun.

Larry Davis: Camping….

Rebecca Gomez Diggs: Quiet meditation every day

Marleen Stam-Gibbs: A regular yoga practice. And Thai Yoga Massage.

Patrice Sartor: Yoga + running + dark chocolate + great friends = stress reducers.

Rico Cruz: Ride (bike or motorcycle) and listen to the Lord

Narayani En Sayulita: Yoga, every day, even for 15 minutes!

LorriMarie Jenkins: I slip into my studio at any hour of the day or night and create a piece of mixed media art…maybe meaningful, maybe silly, it does not matter. All sense of time and worry disappear when I am doing what I am meant to do!

Linda Lewis: Tango 😉

Curt Coplin: This is easy. I retired. No more stress. Works every time! LOL

Candice Estey Swanson: What's stress?

Adriene Josephs Rockwell: Yoga! It's so calming for the body and the spirit, and forces you to at least attempt to be in the moment.

Remy Regala: Keep calm & carry on

Kimberly Kondal Patterson: As often as I can, after work I walk a segment of Benicia's many trails, or visit a city park.

Jill Glasser Wright: Walking my dog with my music on the iPod…

Sailor Jack’s FB page: Yoga