Mother’s Day, a day to celebrate the women who love like no other.

This day is not only to celebrate but to acknowledge their hard efforts. Whether it be helping with homework and packing lunches, or judging outfits and questionable men, she is always there to help. We all know these women. Their days almost never go without a struggle and yet they still find a way to make our lives a little bit easier. Mothers need a little more than just a card and flowers. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely gesture but if we’re planning on celebrating, we need something a little bit more enticing.

Of course brunch is the go-to choice, but what about after?

Mother’s day can’t just end there. She’s going to want an experience, something different than mimosas and pedicures. I have an option that might just brighten her day, as well as yours.

There’s a beautiful little wine bar located in downtown Napa that is sure to make your mama happy.

It’s not just your typical wine bar. This bar specializes in sparkling wine and champagne. Be Bubbly Napa Valley is an amazing spot to enjoy some well needed bubbles and charcuterie. A beautiful stone bar with luxurious velvet seats to comfort any hard working mom. There’s a wide variety of by-the-glass on the menu to please any experienced drinker. The staff is more than helpful when picking the right bubbles for her special day. If the weather is pleasant, the outdoor seating option offers a lovely view of downtown and the exquisite bar inside. I would normally suggest a bottle to drink, but that would take the fun out of ordering a flight and discovering for yourself.

I promise this will make for an enjoyable, unforgettable day. Leave the homemade mugs to the kids. Wishing all madres a Happy Mothers day!



The Favorite Child