Previously in Picket Fences …

Successful and popular realtor Angela Wingate discovers that someone is interested in purchasing a house in Benicia that has a dark and mysterious reputation. Angela has a past connection to this house and she is clearly frightened of it. Suddenly, Connie, a person from that same past, appears at her home, and she is most certainly unwelcome. Our story picks up there.

Connie looks at Angela as she enters her home without being invited in. “ What’s wrong, Angela? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost,” she says with a grim smile. Connie moves around the entryway touching everything as if to leave her mark. “You’ve done very well for yourself …but I would expect nothing less from you.” Angela’s eyes have followed her every move. “What do you want, Connie?” She asks, trying desperately to hold back tears. “I’d like a drink first …A bourbon, neat.” Connie requests.  “Of course, please join me at the bar,” Angela replies. As they walk to the bar, they run into Payton at the bottom of the stairs. “I thought you left to meet Dad,” Says Payton, curiosity clear on his face when he sees Connie. “Well, you must be Payton” Connie states. Clearly agitated, Angela shouts at her son, “Go back upstairs, Payton. Now!” Payton freezes looking at his mom, shocked at her tone. “Oookay … nice to meet you …I think.” Payton retreats upstairs. 

At the bar, Angela pours the drinks and finally says, “Just what the hell are you doing here, Connie?” “You know why I’m here. You owe me. Clearly, my money has done well for you,” sneers Connie.

“I owe you nothing…  I got out, I found an opportunity and took it!” Angela says, her face reflecting fear and panic. “I know all about Bruce … your opportunity,” Connie states with an arrogant expression on her face. “You leave him out of this,” Angela replies, slamming the drink down. “Get out …get out of here now,” Angela says in a hushed, fervent voice. “But Angela, I’m a guest in your home,” Connie smiles, “However, since you are so inhospitable, I’ll take my leave. Just one last thing. When Are you  going to tell Bruce you killed Shane Baxter?”

Angela stands behind the bar speechless, looking at Connie like a rabbit caught in a trap. “Looks like this is a lot for you to process …you should call Bruce, you’re going to be late.” Connie says with a smirk of satisfaction. She gathers her purse and coat and walks out, leaving Angela unnerved in the stillness of her absence. Composing herself, Angela searches briefly for her cell phone before resigning herself to the landline. The walk to the kitchen receiver helps to ground her once more. Picking it up, she calls Bruce. He answers on the second ring, “Hey honey, are you parking? I’m at the table in front by the window.” There is a long silence. “Honey? … Angela?” Through a shaky voice, Angela finally speaks, “I need you to come home.”  Bruce, puzzled, but hearing the distress in her voice replies, “I’m on my way.”

To be continued…