Picket Fences

As another Monday morning dawns, the residents of Benicia are starting their week as they usually do. 

Things in the Walker house are no different. Hank is getting ready to meet with clients about a new housing development that his company is bidding on. Madalyn is getting the budget revisions together to present to Trisha Darling. Hank walks into the study and asks, “Hey, have you seen my Audemars Piguet Royal watch with the green face and gold dial?” “No, the last time I saw that one was in your watch case in the closet. I may be late getting home. I have to run out to Blackhawk to interview caterers today, so you and Sydney may be on your own for dinner. Maybe it will give you two a chance to talk and overcome the other night,” she says.

“That kid attacked me. How am I supposed to let that go?” he replies with a heightened tone.”First of all, keep your voice down. Second, he’s your son, that’s how you let it go. The fact that I have to keep reminding you of that is getting a little tiring. I need you, we need you to start making more of an effort with him,” she says, gathering the papers and walking toward the door with Hank following. As they pass the staircase, she notices Sydney coming down the stairs. “Good morning, baby. How are you feeling?” she asks.”I’m good, just can’t wait to see Payton tomorrow when he takes his night classes,” he replies, looking back at Hank.”Well, your dad wants to take you out to Lucca’s for dinner. How does that sound?” she asks.”Are you coming too?” Sydney replies.”No, I have to work late, so it’s just you two…my two favorite guys. Have fun,” she says, walking out the door, giving them no chance to reply. They both look at each other, dreading any time they have to spend together. “Well, I have to go. I should be back around five. Please be ready,” Hank says, breaking the silence.”Sure, Dad. I’ll be ready,” Sydney replies, standing at the top of the stairs.

Hank shuts the door, and Sydney hears him drive away. Sydney stands in silence and pulls the Audemars Piguet Royal watch from his pocket and grips it so tight that his hand begins to bleed

Madalyn isn’t the only one hoping things go alright. 

Sarah and Angela meet in front of Connie’s house to ensure that Sarah knows the house layout. The two women enter the house, and Sarah looks around in amazement. “Who would have thought we’d be working together again after our last job? We thought we would never see each other again,” Sarah says. “I know, we swore we would never see each other again. It was safe that way,” Angela replies. “I still think about the choices we made that night,” Sarah reflects. “Stop. Just stop. We can’t think about that,” Angela interrupts. “How can you not think about it? Henry never knew what happened to his son, and the night Connie left us for dead and sold us out. How do you just…” Sarah is cut off by Angela. “Here’s how I go on: I have a family, I built a life, and so did you. That is our redemption. That is how we right the wrongs of our past,” Angela says before being cut off by Sarah. “Well, here comes Saint Raymond of Penafort now, the truth-teller,” Sarah says, looking at Detective Benning coming up the front walk. Angela turns to look and says, “Here we go.”