Picket Fences

The residents of Bristol Lane looked at the young, disheveled man frozen in silence and confusion. “You look like you need some help?”  Bruce asks, breaking the silence. The young man stands quiet for a few seconds taking in his surroundings and then lets out a guttural scream, “MAMAAA!” And he falls to the ground.  This scream pierces Madalyn to her core “No, no it can’t be…” she whispers to herself while starting to walk over to him. The walk quickly becomes a run as she calls out “Sydney…  Sydney, is that you?”  The young man repeats “Mama …Mama.” Madalyn falls to her knees and scoops the young man up into her arms and starts to give orders like a mother helping her wounded child. “Somebody call the police and get me some blankets, he’s so cold,” she demands, snapping everyone into action. Bruce notices Hank on the porch in shock.  Payton runs back to the house to call the police. “This is Payton Wingate on Bristol Lane. Can you send the police? Someone just showed up on our street and they need help.” Payton pauses to listen to the dispatcher’s questions. “I don’t know … I think it’s Sydney Walker.”

As the police descend onto the lane, everyone has gathered at the Walker home, Bruce walks in the door with a change of clothes for the young man and gives them to Hank. “Thanks man, I’ll give these to Madalyn right now,” he says, taking the clothes to Madalyn who is still cradling the young man on their bone-white Boden Sofa from Ironhorse Home. “I don’t get it, I thought Sydney died when he was four,” Bruce says to Angela sitting at the bar watching the police ask their questions.  “After the boating accident, that’s what we all assumed, but they never found the body, and Madalyn wouldn’t sign the death certificate. Heads up, here she comes,” Angela says, warning Bruce. “He’s home … Sydney’s home …can you believe it?” Madalyn says, hugging Angela. “I can’t believe it … It’s something,” Angela says, trying to suppress her fear and suspicions. At that moment, Angela catches the young man looking at her and she feels something sinister run through her.  “Why don’t you guys go home, I’ll fill you in tomorrow, you can fill Payton in on everything,” Madalyn says.

As Bruce and Angela head back across the street, they are welcomed by the early morning sun and wonder what else the day will bring. But they aren’t the only ones anticipating the day’s tidings.

As Payton sits in the living room waiting for his parents, he receives a text from Xavier: “Did you hear what happened? Connie was attacked last night.” Reading the text, Payton replies, “Yeah I heard, we need to talk soon.” “So, you’re talking to me now lol” Xavier texts back.  “No laughing matter. Let’s meet soon.”

Payton isn’t the only one wanting to talk about the morning’s events.

As the police leave the Walker home, Madalyn is still in disbelief and elated by Sydney’s return. “I can’t believe it … he’s home Hank, I’m so happy but I do wonder what he’s been through,” she says hugging Hank. “He didn’t tell the police anything?” Hank asks. “No, he doesn’t remember anything, but it could be a good thing… you know.”  “Yeah, it’s a good thing,” Hank says, holding Madalyn. Also afraid of what this “good thing” could bring.  

As we all know, all good things aren’t always good for you and all good things must come to an end …