Previously in Picket Fences…

The big evening of the fundraiser has arrived and Benicia’s residents are dressed to the nines. As Angela readied herself, she made sure to bring two folders with her; key elements in her counterplot against Connie. At the event, Angela hunts down Connie first, apprising her of the conversation she had with former colleague, Martin Kray.


“What does Martin have to do with this?” Connie asks, trying to play naive.

“Just stop with the game. I know you’ve known where I’ve been for the past five years, Martin told me.” Connie stands still, with a stunned look. “You didn’t just pop up unexpectedly, out of nowhere. I’m surprised I didn’t put it together before now. You were there that night at the Baxter house; you must have been tailing me for months just waiting to see something, any little tidbit you could get, and you got lucky. You saw everything. Shane’s death, Carol taking off, never to be seen again… and that’s when you took your shot. Does that sound about right?” Angela says, encroaching in Connie’s space. “You’ve always been a smart girl. You got it right… to a point. But you and I know that’s not all I know about you,” Connie replies, tensing up and holding her ground. Noticing that she has Connie rattled, Angela goes in for the kill; she picks up the two folders as Connie continues her monologue. “I could still tell Bruce who he’s really married to and bring your entire world crashing down,” Connie proclaims, looking directly into Angela’s eyes. “Yeah, you could… but you won’t. You’ve used that secret to get this far, but if you want to bring my house down, you’ll have to bring yours down, too. And you won’t.”

Angela, stepping forward, as if she knows she’s won this fight, “It’s the only bullet in your chamber and I’m taking your gun away. Now, let’s talk about your options.” She presents Connie with the red and blue folders.

Angela is not the only one making demands; in the Leavenworth home, a situation is brewing.

As Olivia puts on her tier-drop diamond earrings and matching necklace (that complements her elegant, aubergine, belted gown), Adam basks in her beauty and humbly says, “I don’t deserve such a beautiful wife.” “No, you don’t,” she says jokingly, “but you clean up very well.”

“MOM!… MOM!’’

Hearing Xavier calling out, she replies, “I’m coming!” She meets him at the bottom of the stairs. “What’s wrong?” “I’ve been trying to get a hold of Saraya Foster all day; she won’t return my calls. I didn’t even want to go with her, anyway. I’m doing this for you,” Xavier says, in frustration. Olivia heads towards the phone, saying, “I’ll take care of it. Why don’t you head over to the Foster’s and wait for my call, okay?” Xavier walks out the door. Adam descends the stairs to find Olivia on the phone. “Diahann Foster? Hi, this is Olivia… I don’t have time for pleasantries, I have a question: where is your tramp of a daughter? … Don’t give me that, we both know that I wouldn’t say this if it wasn’t warranted … Look, I don’t care whose husband’s bed you have to pull her out of; you begged me to have him take her to this event. He is now on his way to pick her up and she better be there, or we are going to have a problem,” Olivia demands, in the sweet, passive-aggressive tone she is known for.

Meanwhile, back at the event, Angela presents Connie with her ultimatum.

“The blue folder is your projected cut of tonight earnings, which comes to a cool $1.1 million, to be deposited into the account of a ‘Sarah Bennett.’” But that’s it. After this, we are done; you leave Benicia, never to come back again; you sign the house over to me.”

Angela pauses.

“Or… there’s the red folder; my version of the truth. I’ll tell Martin what really happened the day you sent his father to jail and why their reunion at this event won’t be so picture-perfect.” Angela, stealing a quick glance at the front door, finishes with, “Red or blue. Your choice.”

Looking at Angela, almost proud, Connie replies, “You finally played me… you think. But let me tell yo—” “I don’t want to hear it anymore,” Angela interjects, cutting Connie off. “You played yourself. You see, Connie, what I learned about you is that when you get something you want, you’re willing to do anything to protect it. So, pick, so we can get through this damned party; we have guests arriving.”