Picket Fences

As another day dawns on the beautiful waters of Benicia and the residents start out on their routines, one resident is embarking on something that will change her routine forever. 

Madalyn pulls up to Trisha Darling’s house and it doesn’t disappoint, with a manicured front yard, light gray and white trim and cherry wood doors, it is a show stopper that quietly says, “Money lives here.” Madalyn presses the doorbell and takes in the view of the street that looks like it could be a movie set. Suddenly, Madalyn is hit with the scent of fresh air and flowers that could be only described as a floral fantasy. Madalyn turns around to find Trisha Darling standing in the doorway “Hello, you must be Madalyn Walker. I’m Trisha. Come in,” she says, greeting Madalyn. “Yes, thank you,” Madalyn replies, stepping into the beautiful, expansive home. Following Trisha, she can’t help but think how her pictures do not do her justice. Her caramel skin glows as she glides through the home in a white sleeveless jumpsuit, covered with teal silk maxi robe that catches the wind behind her as she walks, her dark brown with gold sun-kissed natural highlights looking like she had just come off the beach. “I set up some iced tea refreshments in the sun room.”

But Madalyn’s new career isn’t the only thing coming into light.

Angela is trying to get some work, but having trouble getting her mind off of Detective Benning’s questioning. “Hey, Angela, it’s been a minute. We keep missing each other. I’m sorry about your friend, Connie. Scary stuff. How is she?” Mark Chambers, her friend and business partner asks.  “She’s the same. Still in a coma. I haven’t been by in a few days,” Angels replies. “I was on a date with one of the nurses   and she said she was showing signs of coming out of it. They seem hopeful,” Mark says, trying to give Angela hope for her friend. But little does he know, he just started the clock for Angela to do something about this threat. “Mark …can you hold down the fort? I need to run an errand,” she asked. “Sure… don’t forget we have a co-listing showing at 4pm tomorrow,” Mark says as she gets in her black Mercedes. 

But she isn’t the only one trying to eliminate a threat.

Xavier is packing for Aatharton when he hears a knock at the door. Answering it, he is surprised to see Sydney. “Hey, where’s Payton?” Xavier asks. “Payton didn’t come. I came to talk to you,” Sydney replies. “Wait…did you walk here from your house? That’s like 6 miles,” Xavier says, stunned and a little creeped out. It was a nice day and I thought I’d stop by. What were you and Payton talking about last night?” Sydney asked in an eerie tone that sent a chill up Xavier’s spine. Not one to back down, Xavier steps out on the porch, forcing Sydney to back down two steps. “I don’t think that’s any of your concern. Look, I don’t know what happened to you while you were gone, but what I do know is ever since you’ve been back, you’ve been weird. Granted, no one has seen you since age 4, but you need to chill,” Xavier proclaims. Olivia pulls into the driveway seeing Xavier angry and aggressive. “Boys, boys! What’s going on?  Xavier, calm down!” She turns to Sydney in disbelief, “Sydney Walker, I can’t believe it! You and your mother are so lucky,” “Thank you,” he replies. “How did you get here, Sydney? You didn’t walk, did you?” Olivia asks. “I did, ma’am,” Sydney replies. “That’s a long walk! Go get in the car and I’ll drive you home. And you, Xavier, go inside and we will talk later,” she says. As Olivia pulls away to take Sydney home, Xavier is left with the same uneasy feeling from last night. 

Angela pulls up in front of a seaside home in the city of Carmel, CA. Angela walks up to the door and rings the bell, nervous with anticipation. The door swings open and a little boy no more than age six answers the door. In the distance, she hears the voice of a woman, “Who’s at the door, honey? I’m coming.” The woman comes into view. She takes one look at Angela and the joy leaves her face. ”Go play, honey.” She waits for the boy to be out of earshot, then addresses Angela, “I should’ve known you would show up. What do you want?” the woman asks. “Hi, Sara, how have you been?” Angela replies.