Previously in Picket Fences…

Hank ended his affair with Saraya, Payton and Xavier narrowly escaped an assailant at Connie’s house, and Martin Cray stabbed his father and fled, leaving Connie and Angela in a pinch. Angela and Connie had agreed that this would be their last heist together or else Angela would unleash blackmail against Connie.

As the waters of the Benicia bay begin to calm and settle for the evening, elsewhere, the excitement is just beginning.

“That was Madalyn, It’s time to bring this event to a close,” Angela says, closing the door behind her and looking at the body at her feet. “Well, I think it’s time I take my leave and let you handle this,” Connie says, moving toward the door. “What… are you kidding me?” Angela says, blocking the door. The two women come face to face. “I don’t know why you’re acting surprised. After all, you wanted me gone, or was that stunt you pulled with the folders just that …a stunt?” Connie replies.  With a calm rage coming to the surface, Angela begins to speak. “Make no mistake… I want you gone, but I’m not cleaning this up by myself, especially when you planned this,” Angela articulates, snatching the folder. “So, you’ll get this back when we are done here,” she proclaims, staring Connie down and daring her to make a move without saying a word. Connie backs down, conceding to Angela. “So … we are going to put him in the closet and lock the door and then you and I are going to go out there and smile, make our thank you speeches and send these guests off,” Angela verbalizes to Connie. The tension is broken with another knock at the door. “It’s me, Madalyn. Hate to interrupt you, but Olivia is wanting us for speeches.”  Without breaking eye contact with Connie, Angela answers Madalyn, “Give us about five minutes.” Glancing at the closet after Madalyn leaves, she instructs Connie, “Help me put him in there. When all the guests leave, we will come back and take care of this mess.” The two women put Mr. Cray in the closet and head out to meet Olivia and Madalyn.

As the four women take the stage to make closing remarks, Olivia commands the attention of the room and announces that the fundraiser has made 100% of its goal, and more. “We couldn’t have done it without these three women on the board with me. I’d like to give a special thanks to Madalyn Walker, who put all this together,” Olivia declares. Madalyn steps forward and Hank can be heard cheering the loudest. A heartbroken Saraya watches Hank cheer his wife on. “I’d like to say it’s an honor to be on the board with my best friend, Angela Wingate, who helped me along the way with her support,” Madalyn says, inviting Angela to step forward. “And a new friend.. that I hope will be here for next year’s event, Connie Spalding.” “Thank you, Madalyn. With that, we hope to see you all next year,” Olivia says, dismissing the crowd.

The photographer snaps some pictures and asks for the women to call their families over for some group shots.

Every click, every flash, reminds everyone of what the evening has brought. For Angela it’s fear; fear of her secrets, and how they could bring her down and destroy everything she’s built. Payton smiles trying to hide the panic of thinking his mother may not be who he’s loved his whole life and how she may be hiding something. Madalyn is desperately trying to keep it together and find her voice again. Saraya tightly clutches Xavier’s arm, trying to strike the perfect pose to show she belongs. Olivia smiles through her disdain for Saraya being here and tries to show she is connected to her own family.

Yes, A picture can say a thousand words. And if edited correctly, can hide a myriad of imperfections.