As evening settles in, most of the residents of Benicia are around their dining tables sharing the day’s events. Two of its residents are on a recon mission of sorts; Payton and Xavier are both sitting in the truck at the corner of Kellyn Ct, waiting for Connie to make a move. “Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. What’s the plan, here?” Xavier asks. “The plan is to follow her if she goes anywhere, or if anyone strange shows up.” Payton confidently replies. Xavier, looking bewildered, exclaims, “Wait… that’s the plan?! What do you even know about this woman?” “Don’t look at me like that. Here’s what I know: that woman came to my house to visit my mom, who didn’t look so happy to see her. I don’t know what happened at the trailer, but I know it’s no coincidence. She is involved, somehow.” Payton replies. At that moment, Xavier sees Connie getting into her black sports car. “You just might be on to something… look,” he says as he starts the truck. Payton turns to look. “Here we go, what are you up to, lady?” Payton whispers, thinking out loud.

But Payton isn’t the only Wingate with Connie on their mind; Angela was reading the note left for her on the fridge by Bruce. “I’ll be home late, had to meet a client at The Loft.” Putting down the post-it she takes a bottle of 2005 Chateau d’Yquem and pours a glass, heading to the living room and turning on the radio. She falls onto the sofa to unwind, then thoughts come into view of what she has to do for the fundraiser and the secrets she has to protect. Taking another sip of wine, she looks around at her beautiful home and the noteworthy life she has painstakingly curated. To think, one woman could bring it all down. She knows then that there is no time to rest. Angela heads to the home office, glass of wine in hand, and pulls up the guest list Connie gave her. After about an hour of cross-checking each name with any information she could find, one name sticks out to her: Martin Krey. Angela can’t help but think this may be the key to finally stopping Connie and getting her life back. “Angela, hon, I’m home,” she hears Bruce’s voice calling. Then his head peeks into the office. “Hey, you, what are you up to?” “I’m just looking into some additional life insurance,” Angela replies. “Sounds exciting,” he laughs. “Where’s Payton?” “Payton is helping a friend study,” she replies, taking a sip of wine and closing the laptop. Bruce gives her a playfully sexy look. “So, we have the house to ourselves…” Bruce closes the door behind him. Angela looks at him thinking same thing. “You are so bad,” Angela smiles and they embrace.

 Xavier and Payton are still on Connie’s tail. “Don’t lose her,” Payton says. “Well, we can’t get too close; this is a blue Ford Raptor with a white racing stripe; not the best car to tail someone with,” Xavier replies. “We should’ve taken my car,” Payton retorts. “Okay, like no one is going to spot a red BMW convertible blaring Roddy Ricch out the radio,” Xavier replies, sarcastically. The two suddenly realize they sound like a married couple. “I like Roddy Ricch,” Payton says under his breath. They follow Connie’s car to the front gate of the refinery; Xavier veers the truck off to the left so the two can observe from afar.

Connie pulls into the gate and to her right she sees a car flashing its high beams. She steps out of the car to meet the stranger. “I’m here,” she says. The stranger, a tall, dark-haired man, steps forward. “We may have a problem: someone was at the trailer when I met with the others.” “What do you mean?!” Connie responds. The stranger pulls out a watch. “I found this in the trailer.” He tosses the watch to Connie. “I’ll look into it,” Connie says. To get a closer look, Payton zooms in with his camera phone and sees the man toss Connie something. “What is that? He just tossed something. Look.” He passes the phone to Xavier. “That’s my watch… he must have found it at the trailer,” Xavier says. The two look at each other. “We’re in trouble here. What are we going to do?!” Payton exclaims.