Gallery 621’s featured artist for the month of October is Nikki Basch Davis, who presents her “Celebration” series of paintings and sculpture.

“In times of extreme loss and challenges,” she said, “these works attempt to give a glimpse to a life with joy, friendship, and celebration.”

Basch Davis’ paintings are imbued with a sense of hope for humanity amid turbulence and uncertainty, according to curator Robert-Jean Ray in his foreword for the exhibit. “She is a humanist whose work emulates the finest examples of early twentieth century German Expressionism and American Social Realism. The portrayals realized in her paintings and sculptures celebrate the human spirit, conveying moments of serenity, affection, tolerance, despair, and joy.”

Gallery 621 showcases contemporary artists working in a variety of media, including painting, printmaking, and sculpture. Nikki is one of its founding members and designs the exhibits at the gallery. Her featured-artist show, “Celebration,” runs from October 1 through November 2. 

Gallery 621 is located at 309 First Street, Benicia. Hours are Friday through Sunday, from 12 to 6 pm. For more information, visit


Basch Davis. "Shall We Dance"

Basch Davis. “Shall We Dance”

Basch Davis. "First Dance"

Basch Davis. “First Dance”

Basch Davis. "Elation"

Basch Davis. “Elation”

Basch Davis. "I Kid You Not"

Basch Davis. “I Kid You Not”

Basch Davis. "Like This"

Basch Davis. “Like This”

Basch Davis. "Until We Meet Again"

Basch Davis. “Until We Meet Again”