Appearing first Thursday of the month at Lucca Beer Garden are The Foxcatchers. Singer Chris Cole has sung with party group, The Fundamentals, for over 30 years and is considered one our top vocal assets. Guitarist Jeff Tamalier‘s past includes member of Tower of Power from 1997, and ‘First Call’ session and stage artist for many. Their sound is a 50s to 80s jukebox from Sinatra to Stone Temple Pilots. Drawing from the Laurel Canyon songbook, listen for Crosby, Stills, Nash, The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Joni Mitchell, Canned Heat, et al. Tamalier is also producing the next album for Tower of Power’s bassist Rocco and continues work with TOPs baritone sax man Steven ‘Doc’ Kupka on his next release, “Wake Up America!”

Eastern Block rockers, the Red Elvises, return to the Rellik August 30th. Describe them? Electro high energy surf, 50s spy themes in the key of Angst Minor, sung in Russian atop some very baggy pants with unlocked Elvis knee rotations. Add The B52s and the dude who nails Martin Short does Ed Grimly doing Elvis.  If you like dance rock, Russian harmonies with a frenetic middle eastern theatric, gypsy dancers and actually being entertained, you should see these monochromatic western warpers. This is entertainment folks.

Coming Sunday, September 22nd to Berkeley’s Art House Gallery and Cultural Center is former Journey and Cold Blood keyboardist Stevie ‘Keys’ Roseman. His duo ‘”Roseking.” is completed by guitarist Jack King, formerly with The Steve Miller Band. They’ll be on at 2:00pm laying out originals in the rockabilly and folk vein. Look for laughs from backstage insights as these two natural nuts pepper the show with stand-up. This is the occasional chance to see musicians of Roseman and King’s level outside the recording studio or big stage. After the show there’s always much to do, go eat and play on an East Bay Sunday. A great opportunity.

Short drive? One advantage to higher housing costs is that clubs are rapidly opening further north. I know, Fairfield and Suisun sound far but last time I went it was an easy 20 minutes. The Downtown Theatre in Fairfield is compared to Vallejo’s Empress Theatre and considered a gem by artists. Coming October 6th, a tribute to Aretha Franklin. The Lounge at The Harbor Center is outside during summer weekends staging rock, R&B and Latin. Also, restaurant Sticky Rice on Saturday 6:30 to 9:30 pm for rock, pop and Chinese Food. Seven Artisans Winery on the lawn from 2-5 Saturday afternoon and select Friday evenings for blues, rock and dancing. Long favorite, Mankas Steakhouse offers solo jazz artists for dining on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00pm.

Shorter Drive? On Mare Island the always popularVino Godfather with seated tables, open lawn for chairs and a busy dance floor. Booked for September 15 is the Motown revue, “The Best Intentions.” On September 28 it’s Bobby Caldwell, famous for the 1978 hit “What You Won’t Do for Love”. Please check their Facebook page for current details. On Sunday Afternoons from 3:00 to 6:00pm The Sardine Can in Vallejo presents forty-year Vallejo teaching veteran, Dalt Williams, hosting a jazz session with several guests.

Hey, where ya goin’? While we’re on jazz, “Upstairs at First Street Cafe” Sunday afternoons is saxophonist Bryan Girard and his long established residency. Brian’s all over the Bay Area and this will be a good ‘kick-back afternoon’ with a steady flow of guests.

The Elvises are coming. You ever tried to spell Balalaika? Time for a nap. Cheers!