Supper’s On creates picture-worthy picnics that can take place on beaches, at parks, and in backyards.

Photos by Luke George Photography

In order for businesses to survive the unpredictability of Covid, a high level of adaptability and ingenuity is essential. Luckily for Michelle Heberling, owner of Supper’s On, revitalization and flexibility is an intrinsic part of her nature. Prior to her former job as an IT project manager, she did events for large corporations. When she made the switch to IT, she was able to travel around the world. This international exploration fostered her love for global cuisine. When she was laid off from her IT position, she decided to pursue her other passion in lieu of continuing on the IT path. After this job loss, Heberling tapped into the food industry through self-employment. Before fully committing to Supper’s On, Heberling had experience with event planning and catering on the side. She was encouraged by friends and family to use this talent and skill for a full time job.

And so 9 years ago, Heberling began Supper’s On as a specialized meal delivery service.

She was able to use local, sustainable, and seasonal foods to accommodate a variety of dietary needs. By seeking out ingredients meeting this criteria via farmers’ markets and homesteading, Heberling was able to “cut out the middleman” and provide her customers with high quality and delicious foods. In addition to meal delivery services, she catered events from big to small—some as intimate as two and some as large as 300. While the larger scale events had their perks, Heberling preferred the intimacy of smaller events. The parameters put in place by Covid allowed her to truly master the art of intimate, small gatherings that she was already drawn to. 

In 2020, the loss of indoor dining during lockdown in no way erased the desire to leave the house for dining out. Heberling understood this need and was able to provide Covid-safe events outside at varying locations downtown for “Enchanted Dinners on First Street.” Paired with the success of Enchanted Dinners and the CDC recommendations for outdoor socializing, Heberling began a new side of her business: intimate picnics. Ever since, she has created beautiful, artistic, and personalized picnics all over the Bay Area. Her picture-worthy picnics take place on beaches, at parks, and in backyards.

Mother's Day picnic by Supper's On from above

Heberling’s picnics and services are an excellent choice for a Mother’s Day celebration.

If you’re looking to have a Mother’s Day picnic put on by Supper’s On, you can arrange for a deeply personalized and unique picnic made to suit the mother you are celebrating. If you’d rather do some of the prep yourself, you can rent supplies on her website and do the setup on your own.

For those of you who want to try your own hand at throwing a Michelle Heberling inspired picnic for Mother’s Day, she has plenty of suggestions:

  1. Check the weather. This was her #1 suggestion before anything else. The weather can completely derail your picnic plans if you are not prepared. 
  2. Decide on the feeling you want your picnic to have. Do you want your picnic to feel warm? Happy? Celebratory? Romantic? Pick the feeling and let it guide the rest.
  3. Find the location.
  4. Scout out your location. Never assume that it will be available without staking your claim.
  5. Make a list of everything you want to bring. Here are some of her supply recommendations:
    • Table
    • Blanket
    • Pillows to sit on
    • Place settings
    • Any decor to beautify your setup
    • Bag for garbage
  6. Clean up after you finish! Never leave garbage behind.
  7. Make it look better than when you arrived.

A Supper’s On picnic is an experience to enjoy local scenery, good company, and high quality food.

You can enter for a chance to win a free picnic by Supper’s On for a party of two! Follow Supper’s On on Instagram (@supperson_events) for instructions on how to enter. The package is sponsored by SupperOn and Photography by Luke George.


Mother's Day picnic by Supper's On with view