On April 3, Children and husbands were left at home when The Benicia Moms Group members celebrated their annual Spa Night event at the Clock Tower.

You see them every day around town running errands, buying groceries, having morning coffee and strolling First Street. Some of them have jobs and some of them stay at home but no matter what they do, all the members of this group have one thing in common: they are mothers who choose Benicia to raise their families.

The Benicia Moms Group is a vital community resource for women in the early stages of motherhood looking to share this meaningful and often challenging time in their lives with others going through the same experience. The Benicia Moms Group consists of over 150 mothers, all residing in Benicia.

Around 50 of these moms were very spoiled thanks to the participation of many local providers who donated their services in order to remind these ladies how important they are to the community and their businesses. Spa Night is the Moms’ Night Out event of the year exclusive for the members of the group. It was a ladies only event, where all of them had different spa services to choose from including massages, haircuts, makeup, waxing, spray tanning, manicures and psychic readings.

In addition, there was a raffle where prizes were donated from over 30 local businesses in Benicia that are aware of the power of decision of this very special group. “We try hard to support our town and always prefer to use a local business when looking for recommendations from other moms,” said Denette Grebe, president of the group and mother of two toddlers.

The Benicia Moms Group provides a way to meet people, make friends, share common interests, give and receive support, develop playmates for your children, and access a forum that discusses a range of topics from parenting issues to baby-sitter references. If you are interested in joining the group, you can access the web page, www.beniciamomsgroup.com, or email membership@beniciamomsgroup.com.