Proceeds to Charity

The public is invited to view and bid on twelve artist-created mannequins at a Mannequin Auction on Tuesday, September 14, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm, at the elegant and historic Jefferson Mansion at 1063 Jefferson St. Three galleries along First Street in Benicia – Arata Fine Art Gallery, Estey Real Estate, and HQ Gallery – will also display the mannequins for pre-event silent bidding from September 3 to 13.

The former sporting goods store mannequins have been turned into innovative and beautiful works of art by local artists, each of whom have chosen a charity to benefit upon the sale of the work. Participating artists are Peg Jackson, Celeste Joy, Scott Kambic, Liisa Kankkunen, Mike Kendall, Dorrie Langley, Katarina Mandal, Claudia O., and Erika Von Zoog.

Purchases will benefit these charities:

Arts Benicia, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Coral Reef Alliance, Homeless Action Coalition, I Can Do That Theatre Company, Immigrant Family Defense Fund, Native Renewables, Operation USA, Passion to the Streets, St. Jude Research Hospital, Solano Pride Center, and Vallejo Capitol Stairs Mosaic Project.

The exhibition and auction of the mannequins is the brainchild of Benicia resident Michael Lester, who saw dozens of mannequins being loaded into a dumpster in Walnut Creek. Lester intervened, bringing twenty-five of the figures home. Years went by before he came up with the idea of having artists decorate them and selling them via auction for worthy causes. “It’s time I found a home for these mannequins – I’ve had to move them twice in the last ten years,” he laughs.

Wedgewood Weddings is providing the space for the event; classical guitarist Dave Shipley will perform, and refreshments will be served. Admission is free. Please visit for addresses of the participating galleries, to view all of the mannequins and for more information about each individual artist and their chosen charities.