Featured Musician: David Sikes, singer, songwriter and base guitar
Born: Cambridge England, 4/25/55
Resides In: Benicia
Favorite Food: Barbequed salmon
Favorite Book: Winston Churchill’s The Second World War six volume set
Favorite Song: Too many to list in too many different genres
Relationship Status: Married, two sons

How do you feel about being a musician at this stage of your life?

I love it; it’s just such a natural part of me, even when I was a little kid. I’ve always been aware of music; I’ve always loved the creative side of it. I’ll play until I physically can’t anymore.

What’s your music background?

I’ve played with a lot of different musicians—Steve Perry from Journey, Robby Krieger from The Doors, Bob Weir from Grateful Dead, Jim Belushi, Al Jardine from The Beach Boys, a number of guys from Night Ranger, Stef Burns, Jeff Campitelli, and with the bands Aldo Nova and Boston. I was 29 when I started with Boston. I played with them for 11 years and left the band in 1998. I was missing out on my kids’ growing up. We were very spoiled—private jet, stayed at the Ritz and Four Seasons, you couldn’t ask for a more comfortable way to tour but I started to get tired of being on the road. I didn’t want to keep up that lifestyle. I was ready to do something different so I ended up buying an insurance agency—Allstate Insurance in Vallejo. I play a lot at the Bohemian Club in San Francisco where I’m a member, and I do local charity concerts. I’m doing a concert with the Pacific Union Club in a few weeks.

When did you know you wanted to be a musician?

The first time I consciously thought about it was when I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Who was your biggest influence?

Probably Paul McCartney—he’s such an incredible all-around musician.

Live Music Venues

The Rellik Tavern  707.746.1137
Live music Friday & Saturday nights: June 4, 9pm, June 10, 7pm, June 11, 9pm, June 24, 7pm, June 25, 9pm
Featured Bands/Singers: The Voltones, Sin Silver, Blisses B, Angie & the Car Wrecks, Ali Handal, Low-fi

Upstairs at the Café 707.745.1400
Live music Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights: June 2, 7pm, June 4, 8pm, June 9, 8pm, June 10, 8pm, June 24, 8pm
Featured Bands/Singers: Jim Nunally & Nell Robinson, Rick Flynn, Ken Cooper, Highway 61

Benicia Historical Museum 707.745.5435
Live music: Saturday, June 18, 8pm, Sunday, June 26, 1:30pm
Featuring: The Johnny Smith Group, the Kennedy Music Studio Student Concert

Kinder’s BBQ  707.745.4453
Live Music on the Patio every Thursday, 6-9pm

Vino Paladini at The Inn and Spa at Benicia Bay www.theinnatbeniciabay.com   707.746.6203
Live Music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday 6:30-8:30pm
Featuring:  Tony Robins, Bizzy Lewis

Union Hotel 707.746.7847
Live Music every Thursday at 6pm

Havana Sol Restaurant, Vallejo www.havanasolrestaurant.com  707.554.3777
Live Music:  Saturday, June 4 & Sunday, June 12, 4pm
Featured Bands/Singers:  Danilo, Vallejo Jazz Society