There has been a lot of upheaval during 2020. Businesses have closed and downsized, and a few intrepid souls have actually embarked on new ventures. Like many others, Benicia Magazine is also making a change. My company, Benicia Publishing, has purchased the magazine, ensuring its production will continue as it has for the last 15 years.

In this issue you will meet many of the magazine’s contributors. This is a group of multi-talented individuals, many of whom are born and bred Benicians, a few of whom are transplants and a couple who are out of the area, entirely. We have a cross-section of artists, both visual and performing, educators, business people, photographer, social advocates and scientists. Margaret Bowles, our art director, will continue designing and contributing to the magazine as she has for the last 15 years. Quite a group. The talent door is still open and, if you are interested, we are always looking for photographers and writers. Please feel free to contact us.

We also would very much like more input from the community. If you have a constructive comment, or an interesting idea, please let us know. Finally, this magazine is a business. We do not receive money from anyone but our advertisers, and we write about everything we feel is pertinent to Benicia; our restaurants, shops, businesses, personalities, schools, artists, music and musicians, salons and events – when we start having them again! You do not have to purchase advertising to have us write about you or your business.

We are looking forward to evolving along with our town as we all begin again in this new year.

Happy 2021!